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  • Embrace and embody the way you really desire to live, work and lead as a sacred leader: unafraid, unapologetic and unstoppable?
  • Be guided into remembrance of your cyclical nature and your womb’s deepest wisdom as a portal to your greatest potency, power, worth and sovereignty?
  • Shed what’s holding you back with love, and be held in a beautiful, nurturing container by a wise guide of transformation, so we can vision bigger futures together?

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About Me

I'm charlotte, Internationally award-winning menstrual cycle coach

In my private coaching I guide women through the deeply transformational journey of reclaiming their power, pleasure and purpose through the portal and wisdom of the menstrual cycle and rites of passages, so you can embody and express your wild feminine magick in the world as the multifaceted woman you are, in the realms of business, motherhood and personal empowerment.

I’m Founder of First Moon Circle School, where I train practitioners to share holistic menstrual cycle knowledge and wisdom with girls to thrive during puberty and their menarche rite of passage. We provide events for children, parent resources and the facilitator training program.

As Priestess I guide private and group clients through death and rebirth cycles to shed all that’s holding you back, so you can rise into your power.  I host regular sacred ceremonies online in my Wild Flow Coven, and in-person in my local Southern Highlands NSW community, welcoming women home to their truest, essential selves.

Through my Wild Flow Podcast, you can access free knowledge, wisdom and education to understand and appreciate your own cyclical nature too, whichever stage of life you’re in.

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live, love and lead in flow with your cyclic nature

Wild Flow guides women to remember and integrate menstrual cycle awareness into their lives and sacred business. Despite living in a world where cycles are all around us in nature, in life and mirrored in our own bodies, we grow up taught to suppress and deny the power of our menstrual cycle and womb wisdom, and suffer as a result. 

Wild Flow podcast inspires women to awaken a deep inner knowing of the wisdom of their body, to embrace their menstrual cycle as a gift and source of power, and to live in flow with their inner seasons. When you do this, you will flourish and flow in life, at home and at work. 

In this podcast Charlotte shares her own embodied wisdom, tips and cyclical living practices plus juicy, soulful conversations with guest wisdom keepers on topics from rites of passage, to womb healing, hormone health, feminine spirituality and cyclical living.

Are you ready? Let’s flow.

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I guide soulful women to heal your connection with your menstrual cycle, rites of passage, and body’s innate wisdom. I’m so passionate about empowering you to rediscover and respect your inner cycles as a guiding map to unlock self-sovereignty, embrace sacred leadership, and integrate cyclical living with sustainable business practices whilst honouring the season of life you’re in.

Discover my coaching, courses and membership to learn and embody cycle wisdom to evolve into full potency and magick so you’re aligned and inspired to create your most thriving, soulful life and businesses that nourishes you and your soul purpose.

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Featured blog post

Your menstrual cycle is your business bestie if you know how to work with it, and get the best out of your cyclic ebbs and flows. If you’ve ever paid attention to your cycle before you’ll know there are times when your energy and confidence is comes easily, but then other times when your motivation plummets and your inner critic gate crashes the party, throwing you into a tailspin. When you understand and can predict how your creativity, mindset, and focus changes across your cycle you can work with your cycle not against it. In this episode of Wild Flow Podcast I’m sharing how to sync your menstrual cycle with your business.

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honour your cycle, honour yourself

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