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Charlotte Pointeaux
wild feminine menstrual cycle coach

reclaim your wild feminine power to live, love and lead in flow with your womb's wisdom and Menstrual cycle

welcome, wild one.

Would you love to:

  • Understand how your energy, mindset, mood and capacity changes across your menstrual cycle, so you can stop fighting against your body?
  • Have awareness and a plan for how to cycle-sync life, parenting, business to live in flow with your cyclic super powers?
  • Tap into your body and womb’s deepest wisdom as a portal to your greatest power, self trust and sovereignty?


If so you’re in the right place.

It's time to remember, reclaim and embody your feminine power within...

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About Me

I'm charlotte, Internationally award-winning wild feminine menstrual cycle coach

I guide women through the deeply transformational journey of reclaiming their power, pleasure and purpose through the portal and wisdom of the menstrual cycle and rites of passages, so you can embody and express your wild feminine magick in the world as the multifaceted woman you are, in the realms of business, motherhood and personal empowerment.

I’m Founder of First Moon Circle School, Host of the Wild Flow Podcast, a sought-after menstrual educator, teacher, speaker and Ceremonialist.

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what's it all about?

Embrace your cycle, awaken your power

The powerful cycles within and around us remind us of the power of our original nature. The life force of the womb and menstrual cycle was revered for millennia as the personification of the Goddess before this was stolen from us and shamed. Nowadays we still deny, suppress and dismiss our inherent cyclical nature to fit in and survive causing deep pain, menstrual issues and disempowerment.

By reclaiming our body’s cyclic nature we reclaim our own power, trust in ourselves and release shame and fear, allowing us to heal our relationship to ourselves and each other. 

The menstrual cycle is our path to healing and power. It’s time to reclaim, embrace and flow with it!


Your sacred menstrual cycle is the most powerful cycle held within your body. As you move through the inner seasons of your monthcycle, you can experience the full spectrum of life, and to learn to love all the different aspects of who you are: even the bits you struggle with. Honouring your cycle means loving all parts of you, including the wilderness within.


The changing Earth's seasons and day cycle mirror our own inner seasons. Embracing the Earth's rhythm teaches us to honour the cyclical process, to embrace our light and dark, our inhale and exhale, and the value of rest and restoration. The Earth holds us, grounds us and connects us around the world and teaches us to see and love ourselves as nature.


The cosmic cycles of moon, stars, and planets are a great mirror of our earthly cycles. The moon mirrors our menstrual cycle's 28-29 day rhythm and invites us to embrace our yin feminine, intuitive, visioning nature. Attuning to the moon is a beautiful way of living cyclically if you are pregnant, menopausal, or don't have a menstrual cycle for any other reason.

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