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How I grow my business in the busy season of motherhood (and 3 mistakes to avoid)

Hey lovely,

I’m asked all the time how I do it: how do I grow my business, whilst being a present mama of three young kids. 

How did I start my business and get to this spacious, sustainable place I’m at now, whilst only working 3 days and prioritising my health and wellbeing? 
When I was asked this question again yesterday, I thought to myself hang on, I would love to address this really in-depth, to share what’s helped me, and the 3 major mistakes women get caught up in when trying to cultivate a business that serves them too. So I made a video for you. 
Inside the video is what I wish for all women to know: whether you are a mum yourself (or intend to be), whether you just want to leave behind the hustle and embed a deep cyclical sustainable way of working, whether you’re going through big changes in life that are urging you to make big changes and you’re not sure how to move towards what you want, this is for you.
I might be in the very busy ‘Mother’ season of life but I am not martyring myself to the traditional gendered role of a Mother (read: being all things, to all people, at all times). This season of life, which for me has included growing three humans and a business, has taught me if nothing else….
That I don’t want to do things the same way anyone else is. 
Because my measure of success is very different to anyone else’s.
And so it should be. 
There are 3 key mistakes I see people making when they want to grow a business that nourishes, supports and sustains them. 
When growing a successful, soulful, sustainable business it’s so important you focus on avoiding these 3 key mistakes, so I’m sharing what these are and how you can avoid them in this video.
I would LOVE you to have a watch because I know this is going to help you so much. Have a watch below…

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