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about charlotte

i guide soulful women to integrate menstrual cycle awareness into their spiritual life and sacred businesses, so they flourish and flow to their own rhythm

when you reject your menstrual cycle,
you reject your body.
and when you reject your body,
you reject yourself

-Jane Hardwick Collings

When we try to override or shame our body’s natural cyclical rhythm and all that it means to be have a menstrual cycle, we are unable to live in true health, vitality, love or success. 

I say enough to the internalised shame we hold about what it means to be ‘hormonal’, and welcome to the gifts of our cyclical ebbs and flows.
Honouring your ever-changing nature, your body and womb reveals a path to healing and wholeness that benefits not just you, but ripples out to create a more harmonious, healthy and safe earth for all to live in.
it’s time to come home to loving yourself fully.

reclaiming appreciation for my cycle and womb helped me stop apologising for all the ways I felt I wasn't enough.

The Patriarchal culture we live in dictates that we must not rest, must never be less than our best, and we must hide all parts of us that disconnect us from our softness. As such, we’ve been labelled hormonal, irrational, unpredictable, and not taken seriously when we speak our truth. We’ve moulded ourselves to fit in, play nice, and be accepted. But this doesn’t serve you and it never has: it’s time to take your power back.

When you embrace the cycle you learn to find and work with the gifts that lie in all phases of your menstrual cycle, even those that on the surface appear unpleasant, unproductive, and unpolished. You see that we can simply show up differently based on how we feel and what we need. 

Your cycle holds a map for how to honour and embrace all aspects of who you are, and create a life that works around your energetic highs and lows, instead of feeling like your cycle and hormones hold you back in countless ways. 

And yet in our personal lives, families and at work it can be really challenging to find support and guidance on how to stay true to ourselves and our cyclical nature when the pressure is on. 

That’s why I’m here to help, hold and guide you into making meaning of what’s always been shamed, so you can work with your cyclical nature as a super power in life, motherhood and business.

Charlotte Pointeaux cycle coaching headshot

your body
your womb's wisdom
your intuition
your truth
your leadership
your power
your gifts and legacy

what's it all about?

Embrace your cycle, awaken your power

The powerful cycles within and around us remind us of the power of our original nature. The life force of the womb and menstrual cycle was revered for millennia as the personification of the Goddess before this was stolen from us and shamed. Nowadays we still deny, suppress and dismiss our inherent cyclical nature to fit in and survive causing deep pain, menstrual issues and disempowerment.

By reclaiming our body’s cyclic nature we reclaim our own power, trust in ourselves and release shame and fear, allowing us to heal our relationship to ourselves and each other, giving ourselves and in turn those around us permission to be our fullest, wild, magical selves.

The menstrual cycle is our path to healing and power. It’s time to reclaim, embrace and flow with it!

as above, so below
as within, so without


Your sacred menstrual cycle is the most powerful cycle held within your body. As you move through the inner seasons of your monthcycle, you can experience the full spectrum of life, and to learn to love all the different aspects of who you are: even the bits you struggle with. Honouring your cycle means loving all parts of you, including the wilderness within.


The changing Earth's seasons and day cycle mirror our own inner seasons. Embracing the Earth's rhythm teaches us to honour the cyclical process, to embrace our light and dark, our inhale and exhale, and the value of rest and restoration. The Earth holds us, grounds us and connects us around the world and teaches us to see and love ourselves as nature.


The cosmic cycles of moon, stars, and planets are a great mirror of our earthly cycles. The moon mirrors our menstrual cycle's 28-29 day rhythm and invites us to embrace our yin feminine, intuitive, visioning nature. Attuning to the moon is a beautiful way of living cyclically if you are pregnant, menopausal, or don't have a menstrual cycle for any other reason.

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courses, classes and coaching

I guide soulful women to heal your connection with your menstrual cycle, rites of passage, and body’s innate wisdom. I’m so passionate about empowering you to rediscover and respect your inner cycles as a guiding map to unlock self-sovereignty, embrace sacred leadership, and integrate cyclical living with sustainable business practices whilst honouring the season of life you’re in.

Discover my coaching, courses and membership to learn and embody cycle wisdom to evolve into full potency and magick so you’re aligned and inspired to create your most thriving, soulful life and businesses that nourishes you and your soul purpose.

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Your body is your oracle

Your body communicates with you all the time how you feel, what your sacred yes and no is, what’s in alignment and what isn’t. Your body is the home of your life force, creativity and true voice. In ancient times, women were worshipped as the Goddess incarnate: the source of all life, the wisdom keepers, the healers, the leaders. 

But over thousands of years of Patriarchal rule, we’ve been violently shamed, harmed and taught to fear our bodies and the wild things they can do.

Yet now more and more of us are waking up to the internalised shame and oppression we’ve experienced, and are reclaiming our bodies as a great source of power, one that we are born with, one that holds all the keys to not only our desires, our most brilliant gifts, but also the ways to create meaningful change for the world, our earth, children and communities. 

Your body is your most magickal tool. If you’re ready to deepen into your knowledge of reclaiming your menstrual cycle, activating your soul gifts, sharing your magick with the world, and embodying your inner sacred leader, I would be honoured to walk with you.

When you’re deeply embodied, tending to the inner healing and reclamation required to evolve, and you’re devoted to living and working in sacred ways, you’re able to activate and share your big magick in the world, unafraid, unapologetic, and here to make a big impact. 

Imagine working less than ever, feeling so aligned and in the flow of your purpose, serving your clients to incredible standards, and receiving abundance, fulfilment, pleasure and presence in exchange. 

If you’re done with burnout, inauthenticity, struggling alone, or feeling painfully not enough, I am here to midwife you through your descent so you can shed what’s holding you back, before guiding you to rise into your sacred power and potency, truth and magick. 

Are you ready? 

I'm so glad you're here

it's time to live in harmony with your womb and body's wisdom and to step into our role as change makers, shape shifters and feminine, sacred, cyclical leaders.
our time is now.

hi I'm Charlotte

certified menstrual cycle coach, teacher, priestess, podcaster, and founder of first moon circle school.

I’m a mum of three girls and after 30 years of rejecting my body, and feeling shame in my sensitivity, my appearance, my emotions and my ebbing and flowing nature, it was Motherhood that got me off the Pill, and rebirthed me into a woman who felt the strength, power and majesty of my body, and what I was capable of when I let my body lead. 

Within the birth portal I was forever changed. A deep remembrance washed over me as I found my sacred no, found my voice, refused to doubt my body’s whispering knowing that was just making itself known for the first time in my life. I found my power in my first birth, a traumatic one, a much needed wake up call as a rite of passage from Maiden to Mother. 

I absorbed all the knowledge I could about how my body had been shut down, and discovered menstrual cycle awareness, which awoke a ferocity in my that all women and girls should be honoured and educated in the most natural and embodied sacred rhythms known to us. 

And as I realised I could not go back, but had to walk this deep underworld path to find my true self, towards the call of the future me, my highest self, I let myself remember all the lost feminine wisdom so I could share it in time with others. 

Fast forward several years, I had 2 more empowering births, and established a career / answered my calling as a Priestess with the tools of a Coach to grow a business that serves me first as a cyclical woman and mother, and secondly to be of deep service as a modern professional doing sacred work. 

Now I am guide to sacred women on their own paths to healing, and to stepping into and claiming their full power as coaches, healers and guides. Together we do the inner shadow work and the light work so they can rise rooted in their sovereignty and sacred leadership, to grow their own established businesses that support, sustain and deeply fulfil them personally, and the impact they’re here to create.

I am deeply honoured to walk courageous, spiritual women on their own underworld descents, and risings into remembrance of their own cyclic power and magick so they too can fulfil their sacred work, whilst not buying into old paradigm taboos, limits or that women have to fight like a man to thrive in this world. 

Together we rise. 

Discover ways to work with me privately, in a group, or by taking my courses and classes today.

in the years that followed I have been on a deep journey of learning, unlearning, training and becoming the leader I was always born here to be.

my training, expertise and awards include:

  • Internationally Award-Winning, triple-certified Coach:
    • Menstrual Cycle Coach (Cycle Coach School)
    • Life Coach (Beautiful You Coaching Academy)
    • Feminine Embodiment Coach (School of Embodied Arts)
  • Founder and Lead: First Moon Circle School
  • Priestess and Sacred Temple Guide (13 Moon Mystery School, Priestess Presence and School of Shamanic Womancraft)
  • Sacred Circle Facilitator Training (Circle School)
  • Hostess of Wild Flow Podcast
  • Qualified Youth Mentor (Shine From Within)
  • Integrative Pelvic Health Facilitator (School of Embodied Healing Arts)
  • Senior Mentor for Claire Baker’s Cycle Coach School
  • International Coach of The Year 2022
  • Finalist – Best Course 2021, 2022 
  • Finalist – Best Podcast 2023
  • Finalist – Coach of the Decade 2014-2024

with gratitude to my teachers and the lineages of teachings they received Claire Baker, Mitlé Southey, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Elsa Alegria, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Julie Parker, Amanda Rootsey, Jenna Ward and Sanya Hurem

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