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Upcoming Events

First moon circles

Positive period power workshops for girls ages 9-12, giving them holistic menstrual cycle knowledge, cyclical selfcare wisdom, and lots of support so they’re confident, prepared, and body- literate as they move through puberty and into their menstrual cycle years. Includes a beautiful mother-daughter celebration, craft, circle experience and lots of fun!

Circles are held seasonally, and can also be held as private events just for your small group of girls.  

Women’s circles

I host my women’s sacred ceremonies near each of the 8 sabbats around the calendar, plus occasional workshops, retreats and 3 First Moon Circles per year as follows:

2023 Dates
  • Samhain – Saturday 6th May
  • Winter Solstice (Yule) – Thursday 22nd June
  • Imbolc- Tues 1st August 
  • Ostara – Friday 22nd September 
  • Beltane – Weds 1st Nov
  • Summer Solstice (Litha) – Saturday 16th Dec

Bookings will open for each event nearer the time.