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period circles for girls aged 9-12

celebrate, educate, and empower your child to feel confident beginning her period

first moon circles

doing period education differently

First Moon Circles are a once in a lifetime empowering menstrual education and celebration for girls aged 9-12.

Children can learn about puberty and periods in a nurturing circle experience so they feel really prepared, informed, positive and excited to have their first periods, at their menarche rite of passage.

We also have a special mother-daughter celebration to role model to children that they can talk openly about the changes they’re going through, so they don’t feel menstrual shame or awkwardness.

Come to a First Moon Circle with me, so I can help you teach your daughter about periods, puberty and growing up.

Charlotte Pointeaux cycle coaching headshot

gathering friends old and new, plus mums and female carers to show children the magick of their menstrual cycle

The way we experience our first moon (first period) shapes our beliefs about our worth, power, and value as a cyclical being which stays with us.

in first moon circles your child will

  • learn what periods are and what happens during the whole menstrual cycle (because there is so much more to it than just managing blood!)
  • the signs and stages of puberty so she can work out when her first period may come
  • period care: product options, play and practice so when she needs to choose and use a product, she’s done it before
  • overview of menstrual cycle self-care so she can nurture herself and be nurtured as her energy changes from ovulation to menstruation.
  • receiving mother’s wisdom and well-wishes so she knows its not just she who bleeds, and that she has a village of people to support her through the process.

circle content

the run of the day

These 3.5 hour sacred circles teach your child everything she needs to know about caring for herself in puberty and beyond, and honouring menarche (first bleed) as a rite of passage. 

Children only for the first two hours.
Ice breaking and story telling 
period and puberty overview
period care

the final 90 minutes is a mother-daughter circle focusing on bonding and shared experience. 

teaching of cycle self-care to mothers and daughters 

creating a ‘first moon bracelet’ to represent and remind of the four seasons of the menstrual cycle 

wisdom and well-wishes shared from mothers to children in the circle

tea and light refreshment of cycle-nourishing foods

why attend a first moon circle?

how to book

first moon circles are available as public or private circles

community circle

Book a space in an upcoming circle in our calendar below to attend a community circle, open to anyone aged 9-12.


private circle

Organise your own private circle for your own group of 5+ children aged 9-12.  Private circles can be customised to support the needs and development stage of your child and their own friendship group.

upcoming community circle dates

enquire about a private circle


No absolutely they can attend. We usually do have a mix of those who are bleeding and those who aren’t yet. They will get so much out of this as it will make immediate sense to them. Please book them in!

I acknowledge and honour that not all people who bleed are girls / female identifying, and that not all girls and females bleed. I bring this into the First Moon Circles® with an awareness that children who may not identify as female may still experience menstruation, and may have a complicated relationship with their period, their body and the concept of becoming a woman. 

It is my highest wish that if you have a child who may be Non-Binary, LGBTQIA+, Transgendered, Gender Queer or otherwise Gender Diverse, that I hold as safe a space as possible for them to learn how to care for their body, emotions and spirit through menarche. If you would like to discuss anything related to inclusion please do email me to organise a chat. I want to support you and your family. 

I hear you, some children already hold a lot of menstrual shame and feel very uncomfortable with the idea of talking about it. And yet these are the children who will benefit most! 
If it helps to explain this is a fun session including learning about the magic of their body, making a bracelet, afternoon tea and gifts that is all true. 
I find that the children who are most uncomfortable and shy at first often open right up, ask the most questions, and tell their mums all about it in the car on the drive home. 
Getting them there is the hard part – so see if they will come along with a friend, or maybe booking a private event is your best bet.
I do find that having children of similar ages attend works best. If they’re aged 8 or  under they won’t get the best out of this circle and I do suggest waiting. If they’re 13+ I suggest seeing if a group of friends will have a private circle, so I can tailor the information to suit children who are already menstruating or are older. 
This is a once in a lifetime, life-changing experience with premium inclusions and gift bags to really bring the sacred and magick to the experience for your children. As such one ticket, which admits one child and one parent, costs $225. Payment plans are available. 
I do offer concession places for people holding a minority oppressed identity such as being Black, Indigenous, a person of colour, LGBTQIA+, living with disability or chronic illness and also people experiencing significant financial hardship. These places are $135.

I’ve got you covered, as well as hosting circles locally I also created a training school to teach hundreds of others to become First Moon Circle Facilitators too, so they can support their own communities. We now have well over 100+ facilitators around the world, please find a circle or a facilitator nearer you here: https://firstmooncircleschool.com/

give the greatest gift of knowledge and love to your child

book a private circle for your friendship group or join an existing date with Charlotte