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Changing Life Seasons: From Maiden To Mother In Life And Business

Falling pregnant just two months after quitting her secure job to go full time in her coaching business, then welcoming her baby five weeks early meant today’s guest Jaci Rogash had to pivot quickly away from what she thought her business and life would look like, into something that honoured her time and energy to be given to her son and self as she underwent rebirth as a new mother.

What You’ll Learn

  • How we honour the season of life we are in as women who value tending to our own needs, business owners with clients, and having young children and babies.
  • The rebirth we experienced in the rite of passage of birthing not just babies but ourselves as a Mother
  • What we held true before children, and what we let go of in the process of finding our true selves.
  • What success, our capacity and consistency looks like now as we make space for self, motherhood and as space holders for others.
  • How Jaci related to her cyclic nature when she was pregnant, and post-partum without her cycle.


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About Jaci

Jaci Rogash is a Certified Transformation & Mindset Coach who works with game changers. The big hearted women who are ready to step into their fullest potential, but parts of their past are holding them back from embracing their true self.
Jaci grew up in country Victoria and is no stranger to trauma and adversity herself, having been the victim of bullying, sexual assault, family violence and stalking before the age of 24.
With 11 years experience working in trauma enforced roles, dealing with sexual assaults, family violence, mental health, grief and much more, Jaci now empowers her clients, to move through their self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear of judgement and unhealthy subconscious patterns so they can discover a genuine happiness they’ve never known, reignite their inner spark and ultimately discover their true self.
Jaci lives in Melbourne, Vic with her Partner Chris, their son Hunter and their fur-baby Billie Cat. While embracing new motherhood, Jaci is learning about a new cycle of life and loves adventure, sports and getting outdoors, which now feels like such a treat.

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