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monthly cycle wisdom circles: join our wild flow coven membership

awaken your wild spirit with me

activate, embody and embrace your wild power and magick, with the level of support you desire


The Wild Flow Coven - a cyclical membership for soulful women led by Charlotte Pointeaux into menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living

the wild flow coven

A sacred and magickal community membership for soulful women who meet monthly under the cover of new moon to vision new ways of being, and to magnetise, manifest and embody their desires into reality. Guided by Charlotte in monthly Ceremony, you’ll be held to connect deeply with what’s present and unfolding inside you, so it can be welcomed out in the world.

This is your soulful circle of sisters who are walking the same spiritual path, who we are co-creating a bold, magickal, embodied presence in the world together with. Now is the time to join us, dear one.

cyclical business class

Your Cycle Your Biz Super Power class

Your Cycle, Your Biz Super Power

Desire to grow a business that’s rooted in feminine energy and embraces your cyclical nature and seasons as a super power rather than a huge inconvenience?  

In this valuable knowledge-packed 1 hour $50 class you’ll learn my cyclical business foundational frame work so you can re-align your existing business, or get your cyclical structure right from the start.

on-demand foundation courses

Find your flow short course with charlotte pointeaux

find your flow online class

Are you curious about menstrual cycle wisdom and tapping into the seasonal powers of your body?

Would you love a cycle-syncing framework to help you nurture yourself across your vulnerable moments, and get the best out of your strengths?

Find Your Flow is for you, a foundation level online class featuring five video lessons and workbooks to help you find the flow of your own body, life and cycle.

Making HerStory womb story healing course with Charlotte Pointeaux

making herstory: a guided womb healing journey

Heal your connection to your feminine-self and menstrual story by invoking and honouring your inner maiden.

The way we experience our first bleed (menarche) shapes our beliefs about our worth, power, and value as a cyclical being which stays with us. By honouring and embodying your Maiden archetype you can reclaim your beautiful womb and rites of passages.

deep journeying and group coaching support

Cycle Sorcery embodied group journey with Charlotte Pointeaux

cycle sorcery: embodied group journey

Tap into your body’s power & cyclical wisdom to grow your soulful business in my signature four month group coaching program for women birthing their next inspired creative offering, business or their next level self. 

This intimate group journey cycles through four seasons of the menstrual, creative and transformational cycles to support you to live, work and thrive through cycle wisdom. 

For women ready to go deep and be powerfully held in group coaching calls as you go all in on embodying your most powerful self in life and biz. 

private transformational coaching containers

intensive one-off sessions

Charlotte Pointeaux Close Up Wild Feminine Cycle Coach by Cycle Coach School x Claire Baker

When there is an elusive piece of the puzzle missing it can become the thorn in your side, the one thing that you can’t shift or move through to activate your goals, birth your incredible vision, or move forward from, despite being so clear on where you’re headed.

I get it. I have these moments. I can see and taste where I am headed, but something is not quite in alignment yet. Something feels off, or there is a piece of information, insight, or confidence not yet grasped at your finger tips, and it’s becoming, simply, annoying.

When you’re in these moments, you’re on the cusp of a rebirth of sorts, and you just need some specialist midwifing through the labour pains to find clarity, certainty, ease and activation. That’s where i come in.

Book a 1:1 intensive session with me to receive the support you need to break through in a simple, but highly effective container that will quickly allow you to fully bloom.

Featuring 1 x 90 minute session and 3 days of follow up support, this is the simplest and most cost-effective way to work 1:1 with me, allowing you to stop spinning in circles and emerge, ready to rise and shine in your power.

1:1 wild feminine cycle coaching

If you know there is more work to be done before you’re ready to fly, I invite you to discover my longer term 1:1 immersive coaching journey. Over 3+ months I will hold you in fortnightly sessions and a private, between-session container, to go deep into the feminine healing depths, before you’re ready to rise and emerge into the masculine state of taking action, creation and expanding into the world. Discover how I can walk beside you as your coach and guide to journey the deeper work together now.

Charlotte Pointeaux, Sacred Business Activator, Coach and Priestess

facilitator training

first moon circle facilitator training

Become a certified menstrual educator and rite of passage facilitator for children with my IICT-accredited training program to become a First Moon Circle facilitator.

Many of us would love to do teach girls about the wonder of their periods, to trust their body’s wisdom and intuition, and to feel confident as they begin menstruating  – but just aren’t sure where to start.

That’s where this training comes in: a world-class menstrual educator training program that respects and celebrates menarche as a rite of passage and gives you skills to make a huge impact in the world online and in-person through hosting First Moon Circles.