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Connecting To Your Womb Through Embodiment Rituals

Your womb is a beautiful muscle that contracts and releases each cycle, and of course the place where new life is created and grown – but it’s so much more than that too. A powerful energetic centre at your sacral chakra, your womb space in your pelvic bowl is the origin of your Feminine intuition that holds so much of your deepest inner knowing and truth. It’s the source of creativity (both babies and sacred creations) and a place where your cyclic nature manifests through your menstrual cycle. It’s also a portal to your lineage past, present and future, as well as a place where so much wounding, shame, crossed boundaries and grief is held too. How you feel about your womb is very indicative of how you feel about being a cyclic person today.

For many women today, the idea of connecting to your physical and energetic womb space is pretty strange, woo woo or difficult to imagine doing. And yet when we become aware of our body and build a relationship with this sacred part of us, we can acknowledge any emotions held there and begin to release them, so that your inner wild feminine powers may be revealed and amplified. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you might want to connect to your womb space.
  • What can be achieved through connecting with your womb space.
  • A variety of rituals to support you.



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