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1:1 bespoke Coaching Journey

remember, reclaim and embody your cyclical powers as you create, lead and rise as a sacred leader in your cyclical business

your body holds all your power

I guide soulful women to remember, explore and express the power and magick they hold within their body, as their map to embodying their next level self in life and business

Within your body lives your wild powers of truth, intuition, creativity, sensuality, magnetism and wild sovereignty. However, we have become so disconnected from accessing and channeling our body’s wisdom and what we feel, that we’ve become prolific overthinkers, second-guessers and people-pleasers, getting stuck on our journey and afraid to really step into our power.

When we are guided to repair our relationship with our body through cycle and womb work, we can liberate ourselves from all the ways we hide, play small and hold back, to live, love and lead boldly from a place of deep soul alignment and wild flow.

If you're calling this in and would love midwifing privately along your journey...

That's where I come in.

Charlotte Pointeaux cycle coaching headshot

Hi, I’m Charlotte, an Internationally award-winning cycle and feminine embodiment coach who holds deeply transformational space for women to explore, honour and embody their own cyclical nature, through a shamanic approach which recognises the interconnectedness of all things.

My unique style of wild feminine cycle, sacred leadership embodiment and cyclical business coaching helps you explore how your strengths and struggles expresses themselves across your cycle. I guide you through cycle wisdom, womb work and embodiment tools to witness and liberate the deeper blocks and tensions that hold you back, in your ability to create, express and activate your most authentic, potent leadership, and aligned dream business.

The result?

  • You feel deeply seen and held by me, and by yourself. You know who you are, what you’re here to do, and how to go about it in a way that honours your ever-changing cyclic energy, capacity and desires. 
  • You’re unafraid to express your authentic truth, you give way less f*cks about others expectations – and your inner fire burns away old skins as you transmute fears and wounds into medicine which you feel ready to share with the world.
  • And you trust your inner knowing to call the shots as you manifest your desires with ease, flow and joy, as you embody the powerful, radiant, goddess of a woman that you realise you have always been.

Calling the wild woman within

This bespoke 3 month+ experience is for you if:

  • You know its your time to receive deep space holding on your journey to remembering and embodying how powerful, magickal and sacred you are.
  • You know your intuition, creativity and power lives within your womb, and you’re looking for guidance to invoke it, listen to it, and be guided by it.
  • You’re seeking a safe sacred space to journey deeply into the layers of who you are and what you’re here to do, and you’re not afraid of depth and the transformation that’s awaiting you.
  • You desire to cultivate intuition, connection to your body, and the ability to honour yourself even if it goes against the grain of how those around you live.
  • You have done mindset work and still can’t get to the depths of what’s blocking you from stepping into the life you desire, and power you hold within. You feel that embodiment work might hold the answer.
  • You are open to exploring your relationship to your womb and rites of passages, knowing that illuminating experiences and patterns -both those you’ve lived and those inherited ancestrally through your red thread – can bring lifelong healing and empowerment.
  • You’re here as a leader in the world and are sick and tired of hiding – it’s time to be bold, and step forwards into your magick, medicine and power.

If you tick one or more of these boxes I’d love to hold space for you!

client reflections

your womb space holds the stories of who you have been, who you are, and who you're becoming


How the women before you experienced being a woman plays out in your own womb story. Our culture doesn’t respect your womb and so its very likely that you learnt not to as well from a young age.

The impact of this is vast, affecting how you care for your body, how you ask for and express what you need and how you live out your potential. Girls become disembodied when its not safe to exist in their body, when they learn their feelings and needs don’t matter. They don’t know how to say no when it counts, they believe that fitting-in is essential, and that someone else holds all the power over them and their lives.

And disembodied girls become disembodied women.

This messaging stayed with you to keep you safe. As a result you learnt you can’t be your full feminine self: emotional, wise. hormonal, sensitive and soft, nurturing, fierce, and protective, without being labelled for it. So you learnt to hide parts of you that aren’t welcome.

As a recovering disembodied woman you might be just learning what authentic pleasure feels like in your body, how your cycle works, and how to express yourself truthfully. As you stop living a life that doesn’t feel quite right, you know you have a purpose, you know you hold magick and medicine, but you’re not quite embodying your full power and potential yet. You know there is deep inner work to be done, something sacred and spiritual, and you long to be fully heard, seen and witnessed in this transformational process.

I see you sister.


  • Holding yourself back, keeping safe and small, unable to shine brightly, speak your full truth or claim your true purpose, potential and greatest desires.

  • Making decisions out of logical reason, rather than intuition, so you end up overthinking, analysing, comparing, judging yourself and people-pleasing. You wind up overriding what you actually want or need and get yourself blocked energetically from being able to take aligned action.

  • Honouring your capacity, self-care, spiritual practice, creativity and mothering across your menstrual cycle, so your inner Autumn feels get out of control, you can’t deeply rest when you bleed, and your aren’t truly embodying your cycle knowledge. 

  • Mindset, because you’ve done a lot of work in this area but are STILL finding that at times, your imposter syndrome and not-enoughness is through the roof. You’re starting to question how your menstrual cycle affects your mindset (clue: it totally does and I can support you with this missing link!) 

  • Not getting started on your next project or taking your biz to the next level, because you don’t feel quite ready… your body is holding onto some resistance and you need help liberating that tension.

  • Knowing there is something more for you… a new way of living and leading that hasn’t fully landed for you yet and you crave a deeply spiritual space to be able to connect inwards, to spirit and to what’s beyond the veil. It’s just beyond your finger tips right now… transformation awaits. 

The answer lies in remembering and welcoming home all parts of you. 

Honouring your body, dreams and desires as worthy, and as your own. 

Learning her cyclical nature and flowing with that – instead of hustling and tuning out.

Your womb’s wisdom is your superpower, if you’re ready to meet it.

If you’re curious about unlocking and embodying your wild feminine cyclical power, apply to journey with me now, beginning with a free clarity call where we have chance to decide if we are the right fit for this next part of your becoming.

what we may explore

i support you to live, love and lead in co-creation with your cyclic nature and wild womb power

charting and nourishing your strengths, issues and opportunities that come up across the phases of your cycle.

exploring archetypes and ways of working with the different seasons (inner winter, spring, summer and autumn), or the feminine archetypes (maiden, mother, enchantress / wild woman, wise woman…) so you can deeply connect with, honour and embody your cyclic experience.

come back to right relationship with your womb as a magickal portal to your creativity, sensuality, intuition, power, sexuality, and life force.

learn to honour her, be devoted to her blood, cycling, and her healing.

sense into blocks and wounds in your womb which can be lovingly repaired to bring release, cleaning and renewal to your womb.

build trust, sensitivity, and awareness of what your body is always communicating to you.

trust your body, her rhythm, her sensations to partner with your body instead of fearing and fighting against it.

build your ability to discern what it body-based wisdom instead of head-based ‘shoulds’.

make embodied decisions that serve you and express your truth.

explore embodied movement practices to attune to, express and release tensions held in your body.

understanding how we experienced major transitions from one identity / phase of life to the next helps us understand the patterns which keep rippling out un/consciously across our life, creative processes and womb stories. 

we can bring awareness to the past, to understand the present and transform the future: for yourself, ancestors past and children future.

create from a cyclic place that honours the deep importance of rest, visioning, dreaming and integration as much as the planning, creating and doing.

working with the creative, earth and cosmic cycles you can attune your self-care, spirituality, business, creative, and relationships to the natural cycles, bringing a greater richness, vibrancy and sustainability to what you’re doing.


Cyclical business means unlearning old paradigm business methods. Let’s bring your cyclical nature into your sacred leadership and business, to support you to honour and work with your flowing energies, and sustain you to not need to be on all the time. Cyclical business means embracing seasonality and your body’s wisdom, so you can create sustainable, long-term success and the big impact you’re here to make. 

step one: connect + clarify

We have a complimentary clarity call together to explore your immediate blocks, challenges, desires and relationship to your cyclic self. I provide you with some preliminary guidance and if we both feel we are a match made in heaven, you commit to coaching for 3 or 6 months. I grant you access to the exclusive Treasure Trove of my most epic guides, rituals, playlists, practices and teachings, which you work through in your own time during our coaching period.

step two: embodied intentions

Our 90 minute embodied intention setting session takes you on a deeply inward process of teasing out your greatest desires which form the basis of our coaching together. From this session you begin to build sensitivity to your body’s feelings and intuitive knowings, and begin to take inspired actions towards your goals. I also guide you to start cycle charting and supporting yourself with embodiment processes.

Step three: deep exploration

We meet fortnightly in sessions to go deeper into what comes up for you as wins, challenges and healing opportunities. I guide you in session to drop into your body through a short meditation, then we go where you need to go. This might include exploring the support and understanding you need to flourish across your cycle, rite of passage work, meditative shamanic / drum journeys to heal something coming up, or embodiment processes to acknowledge, release and process deep-held beliefs and blocks that are halting your progress. Topics vary session to session and we go where you need to flow.

STEp Four: Aligned action

Between every session you continue to have voice message (Signal app) and email support from me to help you with coaching, processing, sharing and checking-in with me. You’ll also continue taking inspired and aligned actions in your day to day, and can use all the tools I share in the Treasure Trove as feels good to you. You continue cycle charting and noticing how your cyclical challenges and strengths are evolving alongside your ability to give yourself the love, care and support you need.

step Five: authentic expression

After diving deep into what’s within and finding safety within, we look more outwardly at how you can authentically express yourself in the world. How can you be a powerfully embodied, cyclical, sovereign woman in the world, who invites in pleasure, and magnetises what she desires without hustling. We explore what having agency over your life looks and feels like, and explore creativity, purpose, and actions that take you confidently forward.

step six: celebrate + implement

We celebrate!! We come to our final session together and after our usual session of exploring what has come up for you, I reflect back to you how far you have come in our time together and celebrate every step along the path you’ve taken. We lovingly close our container together, I invite your feedback, and set you up with inspired actions that will continue to support you long term. I also give you the option to continue with me for a further term if that feels good to you!

Have a question?

I've got your frequently asked questions covered...

I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months as this is the shortest amount of time possible for us to explore patterns playing out across your cycles, and to create any real, meaningful change. After our term ends you have the option to continue our coaching together, as when you work with the same coach, they know you very well, and you don’t need to re-establish trust, safety or understanding again. I have worked with some clients for nearly 3 years, so let’s see where this takes us.

Sessions are fortnightly. Session 1 is 90 minutes and following sessions are 60 minutes.

Between session activities, working through the guidance and rituals in the Treasure Trove is totally up to what you are willing to invest.

As a Wild Feminine Cycle + Embodiment Coach I weave together tools, practices and frameworks that I know from experience guides you deeply into your body and out of your head. 

We use the cycle (menstrual, moon, pregnancy, phases of life, and cyclic archetypes) to explore what your relationship to your body, life, identity, purpose, pleasure and desires is. Then we go deep into what your body knows to be true – to tackle ‘mindset’ work differently. 

Sometimes blocks are held in the body as stored tension or even trauma and no amount of affirmations or reframing will help you move forward. I invite you to explore your body’s wisdom, and unconscious mind through shamanic work,  to repair, release and transform.

This means all the work we do together is bespoke – never one size fits all. We go where you need to go, with you and your body leading the way. You will be amazed at how the answers and wisdom is already within your energetic body – I will guide you to access this.

My client even told me that the work she has been doing with me to understand her cycle is the MISSING PIECE in her self-development puzzle. It’s that impactful.


Women were the first shamans, did you know! All over the world, groups of women were the ceremonialists, healers and guides able to see the interconnectedness of all things. Nowadays shamanism is mostly conducted by men for healing, however the way I work is in deep reverence for the original practices. 

As a shamanic guide I invite you to access your womb’s wisdom as the way-shower she is, a reflection of the earth, seasons and cosmos around us in her own cyclical nature. We were born through the womb and our birth imprints us deeply with our worth, our creative process, and our beliefs about who we are and how we show up. By journeying with your womb and with my medicine drum, which we may do in session (or you might listen to recorded journeys), we can explore your relationship to yourself, and the wisdom living in other realms around us, so you can connect with your intuition, guides, archetypes, wounds and much more. 

Shamanism is first and foremost a worldview that recognises that all is interconnected – not separate – and we can become whole again by retrieving the parts of us that we learnt to hide and not to love. It’s a powerful healing modality gently woven through the spaces I hold.

OOOHHH Juicy question!! YES in many ways!!

1. Living and leading in flow with your changing cyclical superpowers will empower you to work less hard whilst being more productive and profitable. Truly. Banish burnout and instead, align the elements of your life and business to your cyclical energies, and you will flourish. And isn’t this what we all want!!

2. By guiding you to show up authentically, powerfully, on purpose. With courage and trust in yourself, your mission, voice and abilities. Unleashing your inner wild feminine powers helps you not be afraid, to know your worth and to share from a truly aligned place.

3. You’ll learn cyclical business strategies with me, where we’ll look deeply at and work on your business / offerings to ensure they’re effectively working for you and your clients.

4. We’ll do the inner energetic and mindset work to help you step powerfully into the sacred leader you’re here to be.

5. You’re a space holder for your clients. Maybe a team too, and possibly your loved and little ones. But who is holding space for you? All space holders need their own sacred container to be nourished, guided, seen, heard and witnessed – and this is what I do for you – so you can process and integrate your own journey. AND I know for a fact that you are going to learn so much during our journeying that you will impulsively HAVE to share it with your own clients. Because it’s gold and it works.

Yes of course. There’s no punishment for paying over monthly instalments and there’s room for flexibility on this too. Please pop in the application form that you’d like to discuss a payment plan for coaching.

YES ABSOLUTELY, so much YES!! Here’s why…

If you don’t have a menstrual cycle, and are pregnant, post-menopause or are taking hormonal contraceptives and feel like you should have a cycle to get the full benefit, let me assure you that cyclical living does NOT require a period.

I am a major fan of working with the natural seasons, cycles, and archetypes and would love to show you how you can use these to support you in all of the same ways that a menstrual cycle would if you had one. In fact, I even share these other natural cycles with women who do bleed, because it’s so awesome. Many many people don’t have a period – and there are ages and stages where we naturally don’t bleed. Perhaps now is an EVEN BETTER time to work with me, so I can help you find a rhythm that grounds, guides and serves you, when it’s easy to fall into the masculine DOING pattern without a period to remind you to honour your needs. You still have a cyclic nature within you and honouring this is very powerful. 

If you’re journeying through conception, pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopause or menopause I support you to do so consciously, with love, intention and healing transformation as the aim. I support you to repair your womb story, and create the initiation into the next phase of your life as you desire, with me holding space for you.

You’re feeling uncertain, wondering whether you can trust yourself to get the best out of this. Wondering whether you have time, money and energy to get the most out of this.  You know you need it but are you sure you’re ready?

Deep down, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a part of you that’s a bit concerned about what might happen if you do go down this path: the unknowns of who you might become, what you might find, whether life will be the same on the other side. 

I hear you. It’s big work. But you aren’t here to play small, are you? You’ve read this far because this journey speaks to you on so many levels, and the combination of tools I weave together holds deep magick, and you are on the cusp of going all in on yourself, your imminent expansion, and being cracked open that much wider into your wildest, sovereign self. 

I believe that when something is meant for you, you cannot avoid the transformation in the end. It’s coming, its just a matter of how long will you resist? That’s why I work gently in a way that honours healing as a cyclical process. I am trauma-informed and would never push you just for the sake of results. I don’t tell you what to do – I guide you and trust that you are a sovereign woman who knows what she needs and when to say no. I am your guardian in this journey, midwifing you through a transformational process that may bring up some things to be healed. Through embodiment, shamanic and nervous system work, I’ll give you tools and support to safely release, express and transmute what may come up. 

I’ve got you. 

Heyyyy! Awesome, I would absolutely love to do this with you. Yes I do offer a 3 sessions package that’s required for your Certification. Please email me directly for pricing and availability – I would love to hold this space for you!

client reflections

what's the investment?

Payment plans are available including fortnightly, monthly and upfront options. 

Minimum 3-month term, 6 months optimal for the most potent container for deepest journeying and transformation.

Option One

3 months of private coaching. Includes 6 x fortnightly sessions, between session support and 3 months access to the exclusive Treasure Trove, and bespoke support.

Total investment $900 AUD per month

Option Two

6 months or more of private coaching. Includes 12 x fortnightly sessions, between session support and 6 months access to the exclusive Treasure Trove, and bespoke support.

Total investment $700 AUD per month

where to from here?

IF it's a whole body yes it's time to step into your power