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a magickal 4 month embodiment immersion into the shamanic dimensions of the menstrual cycle and womb wisdom as you embrace and express your inner creatrix and wild feminine leader

calling in the w.i.t.c.h.e.s.

wild + wise women
creative, cyclical goddesses
healing themselves
sovereign women

welcome to the temple!


a potent 4-month online group journey inviting soulful women into full embodied presence. get ready to deeply immerse into the cycle mysteries inside our temple

  • Tune in to your body and womb’s wisdom always, so you’re nourished, aligned and in flow with how you feel and what you need, whether in your personal practice, at work, or at home.

  • Infuse your day to day with more pleasure, space, creativity, self-connection, presence and confidence by learning cycle and embodiment tools that bring you into the feminine felt senses and alignment first. Show up for you first, before showing up for others second, as a powerful feminine leader.

  • Work with your cycling energies to harness and optimise your natural strengths, so you’re living and woking more effortlessly, whilst tending to your inner critic mindset who sabotages you at certain times of your cycle. Learn to go with your natural flowinstead of swimming against the tide.

  • Be held by a beautiful sisterhood of like-minded women on the same journey of doing things in a cycle and body-honouring way, who can support you, be open and vulnerable, and hold you steady to your powerful, important vision of presence first, action second.

"Charlotte facilitated a wonderfully supportive group space, where the beautiful and potent self-paced resources were so thoughtfully created and super powerful. Charlotte was gentle and considerate as she guided us all back to ourselves and our inner witches! I am still integrating the learning. It's such powerful work"

you know your cycle can be a super power, but something's out of alignment...

You know your menstrual cycle influences you, and you know you feel better when you tune in and work in flow with it… instead of trying to push on or numb out when you feel disconnected to yourself. 

You know you feel more in magnetic flow, totally creative, deeply aligned and on fire, and success comes far more easily when you’re in your body but you aren’t great at staying in this energy longer-term.

You feel you need to be “consistent” but struggle sometimes and would love to know how to be consistent in a cycle-honouring way – rather than in a hustle-fuelled way.

And you know that those times when you get epic overwhelm, self-doubt, feel not enough or have mental blocks come cyclically, and you would love support in those moments to get back into your body, because this is where everything makes sense.


 I hear you!

The truth is that as a multi-passionate woman…

not attuning to your cyclical nature is holding you back.

womb cycle

earth cycle

cosmic cycle

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unleash your wild feminine presence and power inside cycle sorcery

if you're loving the sound of this, Here’s what might be feeling true for you right now:

You want to make and sustain a new, more feminine way of living and working – but it keeps feeling like you get pulled out of this vision by life’s busyness and the pressure to keep moving.

You recognise that when you’re running the show at home or in work, if you aren’t your most grounded, connected and attuned version of yourself then everything else doesn’t operate at full potential: your health, your relationships, or your impact through your work.

You’ve been feeling stuck – trying to listen to your body more and attune to her wisdom, but you too easily find yourself pulled back into overriding and pushing through. It feels like you’re trying to go against the grain all by yourself in life and business, and its harddd.

And yet really, you know you want to give yourself time, permission and energy to follow what matters most to you: enjoying life, feeling good, being a strong femme role model and creating meaningful change in the world, starting with you.

So why does this feel so challenging to achieve?


its easy to invest in your professional development –

but when you invest in you, everything else falls powerfully into place…

– your health and wellbeing, your presence, creativity and deeper alignment, and abundance in all forms – 

it’s time to come home to yourself

and welcome your beautiful body’s wisdom as your secret weapon

the temple re-opens mid 2023

cycle sorcery is for you if...

  • You know know that following your body and the cycle holds the codes of ancient womb wisdom, intuition, power and truth, and you know its time to light it on fire.
  • You want to understand and also EMBODY your cyclic powers so you’re able to rest, create, hold space, grow and truly flourish as a multi-passionate, intuitive, and creative woman in all you do.
  • You’ve tried mindset work, but struggle with taking the next leap confidently and powerfully.
  • You know that your body is holding onto wisdom and tension that needs to be felt and freed first, and you want help moving through the blocks.
  • You’re ready to make and share your big magick: your purpose, your creativity, the reason you are working so hard to make this work. Whether you’re figuring things out or already kicking goals, what’s missing is the support to be deeply aligned, clear, and in your power whilst also nurturing and honouring yourself across your cycle.

  • You’re wondering how to embrace and flourish during your most difficult phases of your menstrual cycle, earthly season, or time of life, and you want to understand more about what’s going on in the deeper spiritual and energetic levels.

  • You long for a sacred sisterhood space where you feel up for real talk with soulful women who GET IT and are there for these deeper conversations where healing and transformation happens.

calling in the women who want to return to their wild roots

cycle sorcery connects you into your womb’s cyclic wisdom, and wild feminine power, so you can share your big magick with the world from a place of confidence, presence and alignment

by joining us you will gain

  • Knowledge, tools, practices and embodiment coaching to understand how you feel mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually across the phases of your menstrual cycle, including root causes. Then, we will actively nourish your vulnerable moments and put your strengths to work in your personal and professional practice.

  • Guidance to put my signature Creative Cauldron creative process into practice on anything you’re exploring for yourself, such as a work project or new offering, a personal creative practice, or simply connecting with yourself. This Creative Cauldron is the map for working with creativity cyclically, and shows you how to map it against your own menstrual cycle too. Have tons of ideas but get overwhelmed? Or, do you want to always be in action and get frustrated with lack of inspiration? Or, do you struggle with putting yourself out there or being sure what you want to do truly feels right for you? We will be working with this process to help you find joy, alignment, and ease in creating whether simply for yourself or in your work. 

  • A strong, nourished mindset across your menstrual cycle, so the self-doubt, critic, victim or martyr don’t sabotage you from being in your brilliance.

  • Coaching and practices that awaken your expansive, magnetic, in flow and confident AF self so you can show up powerfully and use your ovulatory manifesting powers.

  • A potent circle of support with soul sister women on the same journey for authentic connection, accountability and seeing evidence that its possible for you too,

  • A sacred space to really go there and to be around your people who you can have those chats with that others in your world simply don’t.

  • An internationally award-winning coach to hold a deep, powerful, sacred and transformative space for you to feel grounded, seen and supported. I will lovingly invite you to get out of your head, and into the limitless creative, feminine, flowing, abundant energy held deep in your body, in a nourishing, potent way.

what's included in the experience?

Richly curated online portal of cycle wisdom guides and feminine embodiment practices, rituals, teachings and recorded guided journeys into the shamanic dimensions of the phases of the menstrual cycle. New content released monthly.

Monthly group coaching and teaching circle (zoom call) exploring the archetypes, elements, light and shadow of each phase of the cycle. A place of learning, coaching, support, accountability, Q+A, inspiration and action

Monthly Sacred Circle to reflect on our experience of each season of the cycle. A magickal temple call of journeying, ritual, practice, sharing and communion with our spirit and soul, where we can be seen and supported.


ongoing moon cycle check-ins, and support with your creative explorations between calls.

Temple community group space for soulful connection, accountability and support across and within our circle of women

the option to upgrade to the vip package by adding on 4 x 60 minute monthly coaching sessions with me, Charlotte

the journey unfolds

Across 4 months we explore:

month 1: winter


Begin at the start of all cycles by dreaming and visioning into possibilities, setting intentions and doing the deep foundation work to set us up for success on all levels. Journeying with the inner winter phase and the linked archetypes of the new moon and wise woman, the intuitive visionary, 

Explore spiritual menstruation practices, new moon ritual, and embody your menstrual magick. Channel the feminine intuitive, visioning powers of this phase and commit to your cycle practice for the next four months and beyond. 

How you start is everything… what are you calling in?

month 2: spring


New ways of living, leading and creating blossom now. Discover the deeper wisdom of the Inner Spring time of the cycles: pre-ovulation, the Maiden, and waxing moon for manifesting, growing your business, and leaning into the yang energy of this phase. 

Explore the connection between your own experience of new beginnings and how it shapes your creative process, uncover where you’re playing small and channeling the wounded Maiden, and use embodiment practices to reveal her power. Channel your energies to powerfully expand, show up, grow and create with clarity, joy and pleasure. 

What are you creating?



Your magnetism, radiance and creative potential in the Summer phase has the potential to be on full beam… or for you to feel overwhelmed and disappointed if you’re not honouring the cycle.

Now we explore the Full Moon, Inner Summer, Ovulation and Creatrix archetypes, when you’re called to channel your inner Goddess to express yourself creatively, confidently and in your power.

Surrender to the life-force available here to pull your desires towards you. This safe space is your playground to put the cycle to full effect. 

It’s time to show up, be seen and put your magick out into the world knowing this is the result of all your embodiment work to date. 


What transformation is coming to life?




Lastly, we invoke the Inner Autumn energy of the Waning Moon, Enchantress and the Pre-Menstrual phase which can hold great potential for pain or pleasure. 

Call in and hold the boundaries you need to create for yourself and others, so you can sustain your cyclical way of life. Meet your self-doubt, inner critic and saboteur who tries to pull you back into smallness. And dance with your wild feminine who calls you to stay true to yourself, let go of outdated rules and stay powerfully attuned to your womb and cyclic nature.

 The waning moon calls you into your shadow to burn away what’s not needed, freeing you to be authentically you and claim your potential through embodying your inner Enchantress. 

What are you no longer available for?

embody your cycle wisdom

we are calling you in to our powerful group experience
for soulful women here to do things differently

Charlotte Pointeaux cycle coaching headshot

meet your guide

I'm Charlotte. I'm so glad you're here

Internationally Award-winning Certified Cycle and Feminine Embodiment Coach. Cyclical living and womb wisdom guide.

I am passionate about living and breathing cycle awareness because it has been the key in being present as a mum of three, sustaining a strong personal spiritual practice, whilst growing my dream business and serving the incredible women I get to call clients.

By devoting myself to cyclical living and using this wisdom to know when to create, what to create, how to rest and restore myself, how to amplify my cyclical strengths, and nourish those vulnerable moments when my inner victim wants to have a tantrum and throw all my hard work away – I have built an amazing lifestyle and business without burning out. It’s sustainable, it’s deeply aligned, and it’s all because of my learning to be fully present with ‘what is’.

It hasn’t always been easy. Often it isn’t, because I keep finding myself being the only one who wants to live and work in a feminine first way, that lets me not feel rushed, even when I have deadlines. Where success is putting pleasure and alignment first, not productivity and being busy to feel good about myself. 

I keep finding myself having to say no to the way other people live and work, and yes to following the feminine, cyclical way. When its just you going against the grain, it’s easy to get swayed.  

This is why I created Cycle Sorcery.

A temple space for women who want to be immersed and devoted to living and working cyclically, to honouring their needs first, to doing things on their terms. We need to rally support around us to stay aligned, and to go deep. 

So I’m pretty excited that you’re here. It means we have so much in common – a desire to live authentically, deeply, to feel connected to ourselves and beyond, and to celebrate incredible women like you, to rise and claim her rightful place as an empowered cyclical woman. Am I right? 

If so, I would love to support you to live, love and lead by co-creating with your cyclic nature too. 


what's the investment?

2023 journey pricing will be released nearer the time.

Limited VIP upgrade spaces on application.

Option One - Cycle Sorcery

✓ Monthly group coaching calls for deep and intuitive coaching, inspiration + accountability, 
✓ Monthly Sacred Circles for deep sisterhood support and a sacred pause,
✓ Online learning portal featuring curated practices, womb and seasonal rituals, shamanic journeys and processes to deepen and integrate your cycle wisdom,
✓ Temple Facebook Group for Q+As, check-ins, support and weekly coaching,

Pay in full or in a plan

2023 pricing TBC

Option Two - VIP UPGRADE

✓  Everything in Option 1 PLUS
✓  4 x monthly 60-minute private Wild Feminine Cycle Coaching sessions with Charlotte 

Pay in full or in a plan

2023 pricing TBC

Have a question?

your most popular questions answered...

This sacred temple space of deep magick opens mid-2023 with dates TBC (date and time tbc, depending on group timezone and availability). We will journey for four months.
There will be two live calls per month held on zoom in the day time or evenings in Sydney timezone (AEDT/AEST). Times and dates are currently TBC and the epic women who join us will be asked to share their availability to make sure we align call times as best as possible. The calls will be around the New and Full Moons. 
There will also be Facebook lives ad-hoc throughout, our Facebook temple for check-ins and sharing, the option for a temple sister (like a listening partner / buddy / partner) to share the experience with, plus the option to upgrade to VIP and have 4 x private monthly 60 minute coaching sessions with Charlotte which will be at times that suit us both.
Can’t make it? Recordings will be available immediately and we will invite your shares and reflections in our group.
YES! If you take hormonal contraceptive, are pregnant, breastfeeding, are post-menopausal or don’t have a cycle at all for any other reason, or if your cycle is irregular or changing, you can absolutely join. 
You will learn a LOT about your inner and outer seasons, cycles and rhythms, and how you can work with these to support yourself and flourish through your stage of life and in your business. It’s not just about your cycle but a whole way of life, creating, relating to your body and leadership. So long as you consider yourself open to exploring cyclical living you’re in the right place!
YES! You will be given access to materials in the online learning platform for one year after we complete, and you are also able to download resources to keep. 
Ooooh! Group coaching is truly powerful!! The first time I ever participated in group coaching I was unsure what to expect but quickly realised just how incredible the learning, support, connection and growth is when you share with other amazing soulful women who are on the same journey as you are.
My style of group coaching is just like sitting in circle where everyone is equal, seen, heard, supported. You’re sure to see yourself reflected in others and have questions you didn’t know you had asked by others. The bond possible between participants in this space is next level.
Yes it requires some vulnerability to be witnessed in front of the group but this is why its so powerful, because you practice showing up  authentically as you in a safe, sacred container. Its practice for IRL.
Plus I firmly believe we need to call in soul sisters to have these raw, authentic conversations with, so we don’t have to do things differently alone.
Then join us!! You will get so much out of this experience and can apply everything you learn into your work, your creativity, and all other realms of life both now and in the future. This is about doing things differently in all realms of life not just work, and we would love you to join us if this resonates with you.
Cycle Sorcery is not another course – this is a compliment to the devoted learner who is busy with trainings, masterminds and experiences, because I know that as a course-aholic myself, its important to bave a place to BE and integrate all the wisdom you’re acquiring. This is a playground for experimenting, and putting it altogether. So if you’re feeling busy, allow us to hold you in a soft, feminine place to land. 
Drop yourself onto the waiting list to stay in the loop here.
Have another question that you’d love answering? When doors open to the waitlist I’ll open my calendar to have a quick chat so you can make the best decision for yourself. I would absolutely love to hear from you then.

our temple AWAITS YOU

ARE YOU A whole-bodied YES to unlocking your cyclic powers inside cycle sorcery?

doors closed already - don't miss it in 2023 as well!

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