I chatted with my mentor and friend Claire Baker about embodying the enchantress to grow a business and impact that supports us to be our best.

Women’s Coach and Menstrual Cycle Awareness Teacher to share our love of the Enchantress Archetype, and as I put it, “she’s kind of a vibe we want to be calling into our businesses”. Juicy, rich, evocative, inspiring and nurturing all in one. This is one of my favourite episodes of my wild flow podcast.

We flowed through topics from:

  • Who is the Enchantress – what does she mean to both of us, 
  • Why we would want her energy to support us to lead in our business,
  • How we can call on her,
  • Examples of how the healthy, mature Feminine aspect shows up versus the immature Maiden aspect,
  • What Feminist business practices are, and how this helps to heal the Sisterhood, and Sister Wounds.
  • How to honour your sacred creativity, and how to collaborate and empower yourself and other women around you,
  • And we touch on what its like to work with other women who are at different points in their cycle to you. 
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About Claire

Claire Baker is a Women’s Coach and Menstrual Cycle Awareness Teacher to share our love of the Enchantress Archetype, and as I put it, “she’s kind of a vibe we want to be calling into our businesses”.

Connect with Claire

If you’d love to connect with Claire please visit her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/_clairebaker_/
I’d love to know what resonates with you, what your struggles are in your day to day, and what your suggestions are too!

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