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First Moon Circle

First Moon Circles are a once in a lifetime empowering menstrual education and celebration for girls aged 9-12. Children can learn about puberty and periods in a nurturing circle experience so they feel really prepared, informed, positive and excited to have their first periods, at their menarche rite of passage. We also have a special mother-daughter celebration to role model to children that they can talk openly about the changes they’re going through, so they don’t feel menstrual shame or awkwardness.

The way we experience our First Moon (first period) shapes our beliefs about our own worth, power and value as a cyclical being, which stays with us forever. Your child will love this beautiful, magical 3 hour circle where they can learn all about how they can look after themself as they grows up.

Covering self-care, and teaching children how to get the best out of their superpowers as they begins their menstrual cycle, First Moon Circles are doing period education differently. Our circles are proving a fun and enjoyable way for girls and children who have or will have periods to learn, play, and feel supported at a pivotal time in their lives.

at their first moon circle your child will learn:​

What periods are and what happens during the whole menstrual cycle (because there is so much more to it than just managing blood!)

The signs and stages of puberty so she can work out when her first period may come

Period care: product options, play and practice so when she needs to choose and use a product, she's done it before

An overview of menstrual cycle self-care so she can nurture herself and be nurtured as her energy changes from ovulation to menstruation.

Receiving mother's wisdom and well-wishes so she knows its not just she who bleeds, and that she has a village of people to support her through the process.

A$99.00 – A$195.00

September Spring Sacred Women’s Circle

The Lodge 98-100 Sunset Point Drive, Mittagong

Join us for our September sacred women's circle held on Ostara, the spring equinox. Spring brings light, warmth, blossom and the chance to embody our inner maiden's playfulness, creativity, desire for connection with others. In this circle we'll gather for a delicious sharing circle, connect into our womb's wisdom and the cosmic cycles, and awaken our inner Maidens. Most of all we'll sink into the sacred circle which holds and connects us in sisterhood, to share, support, see and be seen.

Gather for a night of devotion: to your self-care, soul time, and like-minded women in soulful community under the Spring equinox.


herbal teas and refreshments (please disclose dietary requirements upon booking)

sharing circle

ritual and ceremony

journeying (guided meditation)

creative play

all the magick, mystery and good feels of being in circle


The Lodge, 98-100 Sunset Point Drive Mittagong NSW from 7:30 - 9:45 pm on Wednesday 21st September.

A$25.00 – A$55.00