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Summer Solstice Women’s Circle

The Lodge 98-100 Sunset Point Drive, Mittagong, NSW, Australia

Join me, Charlotte Pointeaux for our Summer Solstice women's sacred circle and ceremony. Held on Saturday 16th December 2023 in the Southern Highlands NSW Australia. Book your tickets now for a luscious summer celebration. Summer solstice is known as litha, a time of heat, intensity, and abundance. The sun is at its highest in the sky, the days are at their longest and the hear is just beginning.

In the life cycle we reach the peak of life of the 'mother' season, a time of giving back, nurture, providing and caring for others, as well as birthing as Creatrix, the Goddess, back to the world.

Get Tickets A$30.00 – A$55.00 16 tickets left