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Charlotte Pointeaux - Temple Nights 3 month journey www.charlottepointeaux.com

Join an intimate 3 month women’s Temple Journey with Charlotte Pointeaux this Spring

ABOUT temple
Journeying deeper than a typical women’s circle, Temple is a spiritual development experience inside sacred ritual space, guided by me as Priestess, where we journey with the mythic imagination, archetypal wisdom and energy, and spiritual practices that bring us outside of our personality mind, and closer to our divine essence within.
Temple is a potent experience where you will be held, guided and deeply supported in a sisterhood experience to drop deeply into the truth of who you are, to explore underdeveloped aspects of yourself, and to play with archetypal energy as She moves, speaks and expresses through you.

Through the 3 moons of Spring we will journey with The Lady of Communion, The Muse, and The Goddess of Love, exploring each of these energies, archetypes, practices and rituals to deepen our sovereignty, self-expression, and self-love.

Charlotte Pointeaux - Temple Nights - Flower of Life - Goddess of Communion www.charlottepointeaux.com
Charlotte Pointeaux - Temple Nights - Pyramid - The Muse www.charlottepointeaux.com
Charlotte Pointeaux - Temple Nights - Vesica Piscis - Goddess of Love www.charlottepointeaux.com

How Temple Works

Temple is an energetic space of deep devotion to the divine that lives in you, in each other, and in nature above, below and within. In temple we are in reverence for ritual, we co-create a safe, sacred and transformational space that exists beyond the everyday world. We come to explore, remember, express and nurture different faces and archetypal expressions of the divine Feminine that we hold. We journey with the wisdom of the seasonal wheel of the year, and the archetypes taught to me in the 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage as a way of connecting to and amplifying our inner nature and divinity.
Temple nights last 3 hours, with integration practices offered between temple nights to support you.
In Temple we uphold guidelines, or agreements, that hold the sacred space, which you’ll be asked to agree to as the night begins. These include confidentiality, respect, inclusivity, non-judgement, active listening and empty presence, beginners mind and self-responsibility.
This Temple is held as a closed 3 month journey through Spring, on 3 Friday nights in Mittagong, Southern Highlands NSW. 


If Temple calls you, please complete the application form below to be invited to join us. 

Participants are limited to 10 women who must attend all three nights, and I ask you to complete the application form before you’ll be offered a place, to ensure your wellbeing, safety and integrous support inside the Temple. If you have attended my Ceremonies this year you will be well-placed to participate in Temple.

important details

where and when

Friday 13th September, Friday 11th October, Friday 15th November

Please arrive at 7pm to land before we drop into silent sacred space at 7:15. Circle will close around 10pm.

Venue is The Lodge, 98-100 Sunset Point Drive Mittagong NSW.

What to bring, prepare and wear

Bring: journal and pen, mug, and whatever you need for comfort. Further instructions will be provided prior to each temple.

Wear: we dress in the same colour to co-create and uphold the frequency of the energy we are working with. Instructions will be sent prior to each temple with the colour for each night.

Prepare: before arriving please drop inwards into a meditative space, ready to begin Temple. This might mean closing your phone, playing soft music, becoming inward and quiet, lighting a candle, and letting go of the day behind you.


application form

Please complete this application form below to apply for a place in this temple. These questions are asked with love to ensure your wellbeing and the wellbeing and integrity of the whole group. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

Once your application has been read and reviewed, I may contact you to discuss anything relevant to ensure your wellbeing.


  • Bookings are essential and places are limited for this circle. You may be placed on the waitlist if tickets sell out.
  • To secure your place you’ll be emailed a link to make payment within 7 days before the ticket is offered to the next person.
  •  Open to women and femmes of all backgrounds, ages and life stages ages 18+.
  • Concessions are available to any woman experiencing significant financial hardship. Please select the concession ticket in the form above.
  • Refunds are not available but tickets can be passed on to another eligible person.
  • This Temple is for 3 months across September – November and participants must be committed to attending all 3 dates (Friday 13th September, Friday 11th October, Friday 15th November)


Thank you x

Picture of About Charlotte Pointeaux
About Charlotte Pointeaux

Charlotte Pointeaux is an Internationally Award-Winning Certified Coach, Priestess, Host of Wild Flow Podcast, Founder of First Moon Circles, and a sought-after educator, speaker and space holder.

Charlotte midwives women through transformation cycles, to be initiated into their soul calling and spiritual powers so they can powerfully embody their big magick as a sacred leader. She weaves together ancient wisdom with modern practices to help clients remember and embody their inherent power, cyclical nature, and soul purpose.

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