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Find your flow course menstrual cycle awareness course with Charlotte pointeaux

what's find your flow about?

understand your own unique cycle - because 'perfect' cycles aren't real.

Find Your Flow is perfect for anyone wanting to go deeper into understanding their natural ebbs and flows each month and how to get the best out of it. 
In this online class for cyclic beings you’ll explore your own cyclic nature and learn: 
  • The cycle of all things (birth, bloom, death), and how the womb, earth and cosmic cycles align with the different phases of the menstrual cycles.
  • Identify your own cyclic strengths and vulnerabilities in each cycle phase, and how to nourish and harness them, 
  • Cyclic self care, rituals and practices for each phase, in the four body areas (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical),
  • A deeper dive on cycle charting for self-care/ spiritual practice, beyond the basic approach we’re sharing with children in first moon circles, 
  • How to cycle sync creativity and expression, movement, pleasure, productivity, health and personal rituals and more by phase of the menstrual and moon cycles.
  • Featuring lots of journal prompts, short videos, workbooks and practical worksheets, 
  • And a bonus food for your cycle guide and womb journey meditation.

"Find Your flow was everything I expected and more. Charlotte was very professional in her teaching, her passion for supporting women through understanding their own unique cycle and honouring each season shines through with vibrancy."

the mama naturopath

the class map - what you'll learn

the inner workings of your menstrual cycle

aligning with the moon, sun and your body

how to know where in your cycle you are at any time, predict ovulation and your period

how you experience the 4 seasons of your own unique cycle (not what text books tell you)

working out your own cyclic strengths and struggles - where you struggle and why

harness your super powers and protect your vulnerabilities to thrive across your whole cycle

nourish your body, soul, creativity, relationships and work to make your cycle work for you

the result: you have the map to embrace your feminine cyclic flow, and feel your most alive, vibrant, sexy and creative goddess self!

what's covered?


In this introduction I explain:
  • What it means to be a cyclical woman, whatever your menstrual cycle is like.
  • How the linear, capitalist, hustle culture we live doesn’t make space for us as cyclical beings, so how we can do this for ourselves.
  • How honouring your menstrual cycle builds your self-love, by being invited to love all parts of you. 
  • How connecting to your cycle heals your lineage past and future.

lesson one

Welcome to Lesson 1, an introduction to your beautiful menstrual cycle, and the seasons, or different phases of your cycle.
As cyclical beings we cycle monthly, we are different every day. The natural world we live in is very cyclical, from the Earth, the planets, and moon and sun, to the plants, animals, and – yes – us! However the Western capitalist culture doesn’t honour this, instead pushing everyone to be as productive as possible. To reclaim a cyclical way of live that supports our optimal health and wellbeing, we must reclaim and honour our menstrual cycles.

lesson two

Your menstrual cycle holds a rich landscape of challenges and opportunities to get to know yourself on the deepest layers if you are willing to dive in. Much more than just a biological function, your cycle presents different emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic qualities to you in each phase that you can partner with to flourish – or shut down and ignore (side note: doing this often leads to worse menstrual problems). 

Lesson 2 takes you a layer deeper into partnering WITH your body, menstrual cycle, and the full richness of what your cycle gifts you.

lesson three

Lesson 3 is all about how you can connect to your own unique cycle, energetic changes, and body’s wisdom through charting what you notice about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes each day.
I share with you:
  • Why cycle charting is a simple but wildly empowering practice
  • How to chart your cycle
  • Two of my template cycle charts that you can download, use, and re-use
  • Body signs that you can chart to get clear on where in your cycle you are at any
  • I guide you through an embodied process to connect and drop-in to your body, so you can practice doing the 4 bodies check-in with me.

lesson four

Lesson 4 wraps all your learnings and explorations in a bow. Honouring your cycle really means to respect it – to notice it’s presence, feel it, ask what is needed, and to follow through with it. This lesson guides you to live a more cyclical life by aligning with your cycle’s changes.
In this lesson I share:
  • The different parts of your life where you can make changes to honour your cycle,
  • Practical ideas and rituals you can do by season to harness your natural cyclic strengths,
  • How you can identify the support you need at different points across your cycle to buffer your natural cyclic challenges,
  • How you can identify your first steps to living more in alignment with your cycle.


Bring all you’ve learnt about your cycle together and take it to the next level by accessing optional further support, including:
  • a womb journey meditation recording
  • food for your cycle map
  • option for private coaching session with Charlotte add-on.


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