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In today’s new episode of Wild Flow Podcast I’m chatting with Asina Mona Kupke all about reconnecting to your cyclical nature to tap into your soul’s purpose through the phases of your menstrual cycle, your intuition and working with crystals.

We wandered through a delicious conversation which moved through:

  • How to choose crystal jewellery to support the phases of the menstrual cycle and inner child healing,
  • What the soul purpose is, and how the soul expresses itself,
  • How you know you can hear its your soul talking versus your ego,
  • How your soul voice might change across the phases of your menstrual cycle,
  • Tools to cultivate a clean, high vibrational vessel in body and mind, so you can tap into the callings of your soul, and come into more alignment with your soul’s purpose, and
  • How Asina’s soul is calling her to relocate across the world to transform and let go of some parts of her work to create space for the new to come through! Watch this space!

meet asina

Let me introduce to you Asina! Asina is the Founder of her beautiful business “Nalina Wild” in which she makes soulful jewellery with the power to change your life as a rising woman. She is also a Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Menstruality Mentor, working for over 15 years supporting women holistically to realise themselves and shine their unique light into the world. For as long as she can remember, she has been on the lookout to collect all the tools for women to truly glow and thrive. Asina loves working with women who are yearning to create a heart-led (not fear-driven) life by helping them reconnect to their feminine and cyclical nature, so they can step into their power and potential to live the life of their wildest dreams. She is passionate about stepping back into the feminine, cyclical qualities as a tool and guide to connect to your soul’s purpose to realize oneself. 


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[00:00] Asina: You. We need to be the full version of ourselves first to step into our full life. And I think that’s so powerful about men’s psycho awareness and what I see in the woman I work with. Something happens. It’s so organically, it’s nothing with effort or with pushing or you need to become something. It’s like it’s happening with so much ease and like every single unfolding by its own. And with this trust to your body and this connecting back, you can first even hear your whisperings. If you don’t connect to yourself, if you don’t trust, you can’t hear it. And then you slowly start acting after them in trusting your body and what it needs. And those little impulses create those big things like going the little step.

[00:52] Charlotte: Welcome to Wild Flow podcast with me, Charlotte Pointeaux.

[00:56] Charlotte: I’m an internationally award winning menstrual cycle and embodiment coach, Cycle Mysteries guide and Founder of the first Moon Circle School of Menstrual Education for Children. Tune in for deep, heartfelt conversations with Wisdom keepers, embodied leaders and change makers on themes from cyclical living in flow with your menstrual cycle embodies wisdom, reclaiming rites of passages to normalize period positivity for you and the next generation and exploring our embodied experiences, soulful transformations and intuitive wisdom guiding you to express and embody your full power in the change you want to see in the world. Are you ready? Let’s flow.

[01:42] Charlotte: Before we dive into today’s episode, I’d love to share with you my brand new cycle wisdom membership called the Wild Flow Coven. The coven is a brand new monthly membership for soulful women to be in sacred online new moon ceremonies together, where you’ll be guided to connect deeply with your cyclic self as a mirror of the earth, moon and menstrual cycles. If you’re craving intimate women’s circles as a beautiful reminder to come back to deep connection to yourself, if you’re looking to be in connection with like minded souls, to have deep and juicy conversations all about cycle wisdom and how to realistically live as a powerful, embodied, cyclical person, then the coven is for you. If you’re also struggling with deeper challenges in your cycle, such as exhaustion or burnout, maybe inner critic or vulnerability, maybe pain in your cycle, and you know that you need to prioritize more, rest, more downtime, more reflection time to really listen to your body, but carving out that space to really listen to and then honor and implement the things that you need, if that’s a real challenge for you, this coven is going to be a really inspiring place where you’ll be around aligned women who are encouraging you to be your most cyclical and magical self. We’ll come together each new moon for sacred women’s circles where I’ll be sharing my gifts, which is holding circles, sharing cycle wisdom and teachings, creating and guiding embodied meditations and shamanic journeys, offering you rituals and practices for each month as we move around the seasons on the wheel of the year. And look at how that aligns to the inner seasons and cycles to give you ways to practically, easily and mindfully really drop into your body and your place in your cycle. And in between, there’s a community space for the check ins and the juicy conversations to continue. If you’re the person who’s always wanting to know where everyone’s at in their cycle, but people give you a bit of side eye or like they just don’t get it and you really need that place to be encouraged to do that, to have these chats, to learn more, to really drop into your body’s wisdom. Then come and join the wild flow coven. All the details are in the show notes. You can join anytime, but if you come now, you’ll be in before the next new moon circle and we cannot wait to welcome you.


Welcome back to another beautiful episode of Wildflow Podcast. In today’s new episode, I’m chatting with Asina Mona Kupka, all about reconnecting to your cyclical nature to tap into your soul’s purpose. We wandered through a delicious conversation, including topics like how to choose crystal jewelry to support each phase of your menstrual cycle, and also your inner child healing journey. What the sole purpose is and how the soul expresses itself to us. How you know you can hear that it’s your soul talking versus your ego. How your soul voice might change across the phases of your menstrual cycle. Tools to cultivate a clean, high vibrational vessel in body and mind so that you can tap into the callings of your soul and come into more alignment with your soul’s purpose. And excitingly, how Asina’s soul is calling her to relocate across the world to transform and let go some of some parts of her work to create space for the new to come through. Exciting. So let me introduce you to Asina. Asina is the founder of her beautiful business, Nalina Wilde, in which she makes soulful jewelry with the power to change your life as a rising woman. She’s also a life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and menstruality mentor, working for over 15 years, supporting women holistically to realize themselves and shine their unique light into the world. For as long as she can remember, she’s been on the lookout to collect all the tools for women to grow and thrive. Asina loves working with women who are yearning to create a heartled, not fear driven life by helping them reconnect to their feminine and cyclical nature so they can step into their power and potential to live the life of their wildest dreams. She is passionate about stepping back into the feminine cyclical qualities as a tool and guide to connect to your soul’s purpose, to realize yourself.

[06:33] Charlotte: Enjoy this episode loves Asina welcome to wildflow. How are you today?

[06:40] Asina: Hi Charlotte. I’m so, so honored to be here. I think I’m just excited to chat.

[06:47] Charlotte: I’m so excited that you’re here too. And I’m really looking forward to chatting with you as well. So let’s start, as always, with the cycle check in and just drop into where we’re at in our cycles and how that feels for us and see where we’re at, if we’re on the same side of the cycle or a different side, and just to see how that’s going to potentially shape this conversation. So I’ll invite you just to share where you’re at in your menstrual cycle, if you have one, and if there’s any other seasons or cycles that you’re connected with at the minute and what that feels like for you, and I’ll go first and then I’ll invite you. So for me, in my menstrual cycle, I’m on day eleven today and I’m feeling like I finally landed in my spring properly yesterday. It was like a very slow welcome into spring, more like a long winter. It felt just like, oh, where’s my energy? Where’s the end of winter? It just felt like it wasn’t coming. So finally on the up and I’m feeling just a lot better in myself, actually, I think because I just had a really long cycle beforehand and I felt a disconnected from that order, that rhythm that the cycle gives us. And then with this long winter, which I probably needed, to be fair, after a long cycle, just took a while for me to feel like I was being held by a cycle. So that’s what it’s giving me now with this rise in energy and chattiness and more strength. And I feel like there’s this excitement and playfulness that’s alive in me at the minute, which is really lovely. It’s nice. So, yeah, I’m just trying to pace myself. I’ve got a few busy days this week and I’m just trying to really keep that in check so I don’t get overly tired too soon. And it’s interesting, I realized I have a moon app on my phone that tells me it makes like a little cosmic sound when the moon enters a new sign or phase. And it told me that today we’re at the first quarter moon and so we’ve reached that, the waxing moon. And so I feel like I’m on the same upwards energy swing as the moon, which feels quite lovely. And even though we’re still deep in winter here in Australia, and we had a good thick frost this morning, it was very cold and very white. So, yeah, just glad for a bit of a spring in my body, even though it’s not spring outside yet. So, yeah, that feels for me.

[10:27] Asina: Where.

[10:28] Charlotte: I’m at at the minute. And I’d love to invite you, Azina, just to share with us where you’re at in your cycle and how you feel connected to the cycle at the minute.

[10:41] Asina: Yes, thank you, Charlote. I feel like it felt so big in my body to chat now with you after such a long winter. I think there’s a lot to come. The cycle probably. I think so. I am on the other side of inner winter. I’m on day 26 in my inner autumn, so I’m shortly before my inner winter. And so I feel like the feeling of excitement of being here with you is not really connected to my cycle right now. It’s more the emotion which is present because we are here. But when I tune into my body, I feel really that slowing down and I really feel like that I’m going more and more inward. But I’m also in this doing mode, like in this preparation mode before my inner winter. So I really love to get things done. And interestingly, always in my inner autumn, I love to be there for my clients because there’s this energy within me and I can just do the things. So, yeah, I feel between being really present and being really here, and at the same time, I feel that my body is slowing down and it’s getting more inward. So there are those two streams of energy.

[12:31] Charlotte: I love that. Thanks for sharing. That’s so interesting to hear, these two streams of energy and how they’re showing up for you and how that feels and where they’re coming from as well. Thanks for sharing. Yeah, it’s fun. And we’re at opposite ends of the cycle, so we’re both in a doing phase. You said you feel like you’re doing, and I feel like I’m doing, but on opposite ends, like I’m coming up and you’re dropping off. So. Yeah, that’s quite lovely. Yeah. Thanks for sharing. Thank you. I’d love to ask you to just share with us a bit about who you are and what you’re doing in the world because you’re wearing some different hats, if you like. You a life coach, you’re a menstruality mentor and a jewelry designer, amongst other things. And I’d just love to just ask you to share with us about the mix of things that you’re doing and what it is that your magic is in the world. Why this is it for you, why you do what you do.

[13:58] Asina: Big question. Thank you. So, my name is Azina. I am actually from Berlin in Germany. And right now, interestingly, my business is hugely transforming. So I will talk about the things I’m doing right now ended in the last years. So the core of my work is never changing. So the core of my work is supporting women to follow their heart’s calling and to follow their heart instead of their fear, to create a life they really want to live and they feel alive in. Yes. And they can realize themselves. So this is always the core and my passion and how I’m driven to do all the things and bring them together and how I do this. So I started with jewelry and with the energies of jewelry. And actually I started in Australia with jewelry. So this was the first time I connected to Gemstones more intensely and with the energies, and I started to create little jewelry pieces and sell them in Australia and traveled around. And now I do have nalinawild.com and I sell my jewelry as well. But I started to focus more on personalized and customized pieces. So I also work a lot to come back to the cycle with jewelry and create jewelry according to the cycle. So to the needs in the different phases of the cycle. Then I was for a long time teaching yoga classes, and now I do implement yoga and Kundalini, Korea, and meditation and pranayama into my work, into my bigger work, into my soul, coaching, my woman workshops, and also my program around the feminine energy and the cycle. So I bring all those little elements of coaching, of working with the body, the energies of gemstones into my work to allow the woman or create the space for the woman to connect back to what they really need and to support them on their path to fulfillment and to creating a life which is just feeling right to their own nature, to their own being.

[16:57] Charlotte: That’s beautiful work, and I love how it’s evolved for you already, and that it’s evolving again into who knows, and we’ll see. But that sounds like, yeah, really gorgeous work. And straight off the bat, I’m really curious for one thing, to ask you about jewelry and the gemstones for the cycle and how that can support across the phases. Could you just share with us a bit more about that before we go into the other stuff? Love to hear. Yes, of course.

[17:37] Asina: Like I see in your background that you have gemstones as well around you. So gemstones and crystals have a special frequency of energy, and those energies we connect to and we feel attracted naturally to those stones we need for our own healing. So the first thing, which is always important for me to say, to work with gemstones, it’s intuitive, so you know exactly what you need. But when I work with my clients and I know them better, and they tell me on one side, what do they want in their life, what they need more for energies, or on the other side, I work with them on their cycle and know where they have those little blockages, or where they have need some work on. And then I create the jewelry according to their needs. So I do it on one side intuitively, but I also do my research or use my knowledge, depending on what is needed in this moment, and then I create the jewelry. And to have this jewelry, it’s like, I feel often like gemstones are the beautiful part of healing. It’s something which brings in your life beauty, and there’s not a lot to do. And they very gently support you with their energies, and then you wear them by example, if you have a cycle bracelet or even a psychomala, wear all four faces, then you wear them to the face, which also connects you to the face of your cycle. And you know, oh, okay. You’re really conscious that you, by example, in your spring, and then the energy of the bracelet remind you and bring more consciousness into the face, but also support you with the energies and intention you’d set into the bracelet or the other jewelry. Yes, in this space.

[19:50] Charlotte: Love it, because you can see around me, I’ve got crystals everywhere. I have crystal jewelry that I have for different purposes. But I hadn’t thought about it in terms of different gemstones for different parts of the cycle, or even for what comes up in different parts of the cycle. I tend to have things that I hadn’t actually connected to the cycle as such, but will wear every so often. When I feel a particular thing, like I’ve got a protection one, for example. And I will wear that when I feel tender or vulnerable or I need a bit of psychic protection. And I’ve got another one that’s like self love, and it’s very heart medicine. And I will wear that when I really want to tune into my heart or my heart needs it. I hadn’t really thought about that being cyclical. So I’m really curious. And I love. I can see your mallor, and it’s absolutely beautiful. So, yeah, I can tell that your jewelry is really precious. And I love the way that you’re thinking about how people can connect through the intention at different times and nurture what’s coming up for them in their cycle with that gentle healing frequency of the crystals. And so just for anyone who’s listening, who’s like, tell me more, could you just give us some tips, I guess, on maybe what sort of crystal you might use for. So I’m in spring, for example, what would be your go to for spring?

[21:46] Asina: It really depends, of course, what you need. I hope I do say the names right in English now, to be honest. So rodonite is a gemstone I often use for spring because it also connects to healing your inner child, especially connected to the mother wound. That’s why I say it’s depending on what you personal need or what I also love to use for spring is the sunstone. Because the sunstone allows you to step back into the sweetness of life, to be positive, to say yes to life. And there’s no negativity around sunstones. So to just say no and just be in this positive and in this joy space, especially if it’s maybe not easy for you to feel this joy and this rising energy. So this would be two gemstones which come into my mind first for spring.

[22:57] Charlotte: That’s a beautiful example. I love that. So interesting, because I really relate to what you said there about one having the joy and wearing the sun and the bright and embracing that turn back towards the light that spring is, but then also really strongly resonate with the inner child healing and the mother wounding. And that can come up in the spring. And I just find that to be so true that when we come out of that bleed and into that time, it’s that time of tenderness and reemerging back into the world. And how do we relate to ourselves and the world around us and what’s expected of us and how assured and confident we feel and tapped into our own truth and power versus these wounds that can come up where we feel like childlike again and lost or doubting or vulnerable. And I just see this over and over and over again for women, that it can be a really tender time. I find that a lot of people say that the premenstrual time, that’s the one that gets the reputation of pms and moods and tiredness or whatever. But I actually find that once that we look at the premenstrual time, that can be quite easily resolved. But the deeper work is in the springtime. Do you feel like that’s true as well?

[24:39] Asina: Yes. I had the words in our child, wounds, like the wounds which come up always in our spring, or can block the energy in flowing or even rising up. So that’s why I said by example, the rodonite, which can help you to heal those wounds in these times of spring. Because I also have clients where the inner spring is a big thing. It was for me as well. It took me, like, I think, over a year to allow my energy to rise in this time.

[25:16] Charlotte: Yeah.

[25:17] Charlotte: So interesting.

[25:19] Charlotte: It’s so subtle, and it’s something that unless you have an understanding of how these archetypes and energies can come out through each phase of the cycle, it really comes out later on in the cycle. But when you pay close attention, you can see the origins of, like you say, these blocks and how it’s affecting us. And I think that it’s such subtle work, but really important work to tune into how you experience your inner spring. So I guess if you’re listening, just noticing what you’re feeling and thinking and how you’re holding yourself and moving through your spring can unlock a lot of issues in your cycle and in your life, because the spring is right back at the start of the cycle, after your period. So, yeah, pop tip from both of us. So you’re really specializing in soul work as well, and connecting to your soul purpose and your soul calling. And I’d love to ask you more about this. I guess the first question, just to clarify, because everyone’s different, what do you mean when you say sole purpose or soul calling? What’s that mean to you?

[26:46] Asina: I’m so excited about this topic. It’s like my. At the moment, I’m not sure if it will change, but my favorite topic of all. So, yes, I realized that in English, people understand sole purpose differently. For me, I thought, like, there was one meaning behind it. For me, sole purpose means, like, following those little whispers of your soul. It doesn’t feel like a big finished thing. You need to reach but organically, following those little threats and following those impulses of your heart and of your soul to then create the bigger picture picture and arrive at a place where you feel, like, fulfilled and you feel like every part of you is shining into the world and the whole you arrived until maybe a special time. You need to keep going. So it feels like it’s not a final destination, but it’s like an ongoing way to fulfill our soul’s purpose.

[28:00] Charlotte: I really like that I hear you on it not being a fixed thing because I think that there’s an idea that it’s something that you’ve got to find and you’ve got to search through, and then you found it, and it’s like everything’s going to be resolved. Like, everything’s going to be fine because you found it. And, yeah, I think you’re on the money there, that it’s evolving because you’re always evolving. We’re never stagnant, are we? Like, it’s a journey just keeps on going. And I really like what you’re saying about, you know, this is your passion, like, at the minute, because, you know, it can change. And I love that you just are owning that and giving yourself permission to change your mind as you listen to the whispers of your heart. I think that’s beautiful. Yeah. I’m curious for how do you think that, you know, when you are listening to your sole purpose versus when you are listening to shoulds, like voices that are, like, from the outside, what’s the difference to you?

[29:22] Asina: That’s such a good question. So what is the difference between your soul’s voice and your ego’s voice? I would say yeah. So I feel like I don’t have the full words for it, but I try to go into it intuitively. So the soul’s voice, well, we start with the ego voice. The ego voice always wants to have a construct. It wants to have a finished result. Like, when I do this, this is coming out. It’s often also coming out of fear. So I have not enough money, so I need to do this. I have not enough of this, so I need to do this. So it’s often also coming from a not enough place and needing to have more of something. And the soul’s voice is like saying you something and you’re like, what the ****? Tell me. I have to do it. Makes no sense. And it’s like, yeah, but do it. And then you do it, and then something magical happens and there’s this synchronicity happening. So the soul’s voice often doesn’t make sense. There is no destination. We talked just about it to reach. There’s just this impulse you want to follow and your fears and your ego say, no, don’t do it. I think the soul’s voice is out of what, you know, it’s out of, like, the. Mostly. Mostly. Not always. I’m sure not always. But it’s out of the construct. What we know. It’s like a bit out there, and we are not sure what we do and how to arrive there, but we trust those little steps, and it’s more out of the feeling of a yearning. It’s not out of fear or anything, out of lack, but it’s like there’s a little yearning and this little trust and knowing there is something more, there’s something waiting and. Yeah, it’s like this feeling which feels like, kind of exciting and endless scary at the same time.

[31:47] Charlotte: Love that distinction. Yeah, that’s a good one. I love that you said it doesn’t make sense, but it feels like a yearning and like a knowing and something that you can trust more than something that’s like coming from a place of scarcity and like, oh, you should do this. And I really feel you on that. And yeah, I think that learning to listen to that and distinguish the difference is something that we’re just not taught that growing up at all. It’s not something that we have practice in from a young age and so have to really listen to the difference and how that shows up. And from a cycle point of view, I’m really curious. You work with the cycle as part of this. I’m curious how you find the soul voice versus the ego. Does that change for you around the cycle, like the voices? Or is one louder at sometimes or the other? Or do you notice that accessing your soul voice is cyclical?

[33:04] Asina: That’s a big question. So I think both voices are still important. Like, the ego voice is here also to navigate us in the world we live in. So, like, I’m in my inner autumn now, so I’m like, I need. I have to do some things and get some things done. So this is also. It’s not really the soul’s voice, but it’s just this knowing to come along here in this world and not to mess it all up, that there are some things to be done just to be done in a very plain. There’s nothing magical about it. Just do the things. So I think the autumn is, for me, a big place where there’s more space for the ego construct to navigate myself in the world, how we have it, on how we live. And in my inner winter, it’s definitely a place where I slowly come back to my soul’s voice. And I have lots of drop ins in my inner autumn with my soul’s voice, but I don’t follow them, I just note them because there are things to do. And in my inner wind now, I’m open to this voice and I receive it and I try to go as much as possible into the silence and create space for it. And there is, like no ego at all because then I try to really let go of the world, how it is and the construct, and let the construct die to create a new one in the new cycle and that this can be adjusted to my new reality and the world I create for myself. And then in spring, well, the spring is the time, actually, where there should be the space, which is often hard to just follow this, learn again to follow those impulses like a child, what we got trained off in school. And I think that’s why that’s often a hard phase for a lot of people, because to follow those impulses with having no result at the end. And it’s like the little boot camp for training. To follow your inner voice again, it feels like. And then the summer for me, I would say, is grounding your vision. Whatever happened in winter is like starting to ground it. So there starts to be, for me, a mixture out of ego voice and how I ground it and soul’s voice. So it feels like to be a mixture of it. What do you think about it? What do you feel?

[36:10] Charlotte: I love what you just shared there because that really, for me, ties into the creative cycle as well. Like, how we can have ideas. And it’s like, I think, you know, at the end of the menstrual cycle, you do get clarity, and I do get like, oh, this is working. And that’s not working. And like, oh, just lead to like, you know, this is how I do it next time, or I don’t want to do this anymore. And I feel like it’s like holding myself through the rest of that cycle and not making any rash decisions there and then is really important because I feel like you can act out of fear or doubt or too much criticism or too hastily without really kind of refining, making sure that you’re making a really aligned decision, for example. And I find that I need to just sit back and just let myself sleep on it, let myself bleed on it, and just kind of go like, okay, what’s true here? And what’s ego and what’s fear and all the ways that it shows up. And then I find that with bleeding time, it’s a lot softer and it’s a lot slower. And it’s only if I stop and really listen that I can hear the whispers of my soul. It’s not like glaring in my high volume, in my face. It’s more like, when you’re quiet, when you’re listening, I’ll reveal myself to you. And so I feel like I have to really carve out that time. But when I get still and quiet, it’s like, yeah, it just becomes really clear. And then it’s again, reminding myself just to be in that season of where I’m at and not skip ahead. And I think that a lot of people struggle with spring for a few reasons. And I really agree with you of what you said about we’ve forgotten how to play, and we’ve forgotten how to enjoy ourselves without the need to be productive or achieve anything. And like you said, exactly what you said, we’re so results driven, and everything has to be worth it. And time and energy is precious, and we’ve lost that ability to just play and experiment and make trial and error and just innovate and all these things that we can have a real natural inclination for in our springtime. And so it’s kind of like, well, I just need to get all the things done already, which can really affect our ability to pick the right ideas at that time. And I feel like with, you know, with the soul voice, it’s like it’s there if we can play with it and let it come through. Otherwise, we’re just kind of not really listening and not really working with it. We’re just kind of overriding it. And then for me, I think, I guess listening to you really helped me think about summer where it’s like this. I actually. Yeah, I’m not very much in, like, a get **** done mood in summer. I’m in more of a, like, I can’t sit down and focus at a computer, for example, because I’m like, I can’t sit down. I’m like, what’s going on? What are you doing, people? What’s happening? And I want to be connected to people. I find it much harder to do any productive work at that time. And it’s like my body, my energy is very much calling me out into the world. And so I feel like, yeah, I’m just thinking about how that comes through in a soul way. I feel like my ego dissolves a bit like I think there could be a tendency for ego but I actually feel like I’m more interested in what other people are doing and what’s going on and kind of being with that rather than imposing my ideas, I guess on something. I feel like I’m much more likely to be affected by ego in spring and autumn. I think just from thinking about it it’s interesting. I’m going to really think about it in future and just really notice because I might have got that quite wrong. But that’s what feels right for me thinking about it at this point. Yeah.

[41:23] Asina: Thank you. And I really resonated what you say in summer because I had this realization just for myself as well that in summer I just don’t want to sit in the computer, but I can work. But it needs to be in connection, for example for my business. So I need to be in exchange, but I can’t be on my own, I’m just looking around what others are doing as well. So I really could connect. When you were talking I really had this picture of being this channel. And we receive the information from above and it’s entering our body until we manifest it on earth. And it felt like this receiving is like the inner winter and then it’s coming through us and like you said, the creative cycle and we play with it and then we slowly in summer we become more connected to the physical world and we start to integrate and fitted in this big idea with the world we live in. And then we take action maybe in autumn as well and maybe bigger action or there the inner critic comes in. So I think there was this really big picture and what I realize often like the inner winter and the inner spring, often the faces we don’t allow space for and that’s. But where the self realization and the information is seeded. And I think this is like because of the question where the soul’s voice is as strong as to having this rest and to really allowing to connect deep into the inner winter and then receiving it and then not breaking it and doing and having the will to in the next phases to create it, but like playing with it and allowing it to be nurtured and to be played around with. And I think those two faces, because they are in society maybe not so interesting because they are not so productive. It’s like those where the soul’s voice stop in. And this is why psycho awareness is so big for me. For following your soul’s purpose or your calling.

[43:34] Charlotte: Oh, I love that so much. I love how you were describing it and you were quite visual as well. I can see you. But just to describe Azina was with arms above and just calling that channel energy coming down from above, down through her head and her heart, and down into her body and downwards was where the action was sort of coming from when it was manifested in this physical realm on earth. And I just think that’s such a beautiful way of explaining that. And I could really relate to that. I’m curious. I guess my next question is, you talked about working with the cycle and looking at where the soul voice and the ego voice are coming in and how they’re showing up. And I’m just curious as well, like, what are some of the most important things or tools, I guess, or practices that you share to help women really listen to their soul? How can people listen more inwards to their soul if they want to?

[44:56] Asina: So I think the biggest thing is like connecting back to yourself and your body. And of course, I have three right now, three big things. So of course there is nutrition and taking, dieting out about really nourishing your body with healing food. To be a clear channel, like to be receptive at all in your body. And not everything is stuck and cluttered. So being this channel with really light filled, like lots of plants and nutrients, where your body can be the field to receive. And then it’s also connecting to your body through movement, but mostly to intuitive movement. So really feeling what your body needs, not in this masculine way, like going to class and someone else tells you what to do and what is good for your body and everything, but like starting to learn again what is good for your body and which movements feel good without having a goal to reach, but what feels good in this moment and slowly learning to connect back to the signs of the body. And then of course, with cleaning your body is having a receptive mind. Like if your mind is cluttered with news and media and it’s full, there is no way to things to drop in. And then now I’m coming to menstrual cyclones. And then the big thing, which was a life changer for me to understand my body as a woman and the science of my body was menstrual cycle awareness. Because it allows us to connect for me on a complete different level to our intuition and our body and the signs of our body. So in this moment, we trust the signs of our body again, and the different faces, and start to have those little moments of trust and following our body and giving our body what it needs, it starts to get bigger. We trust the bigger callings as well. We trust the other impulses as well. And I think through mental cycle awareness, we start to become whole again. So we start to accept all the parts, not just half of us, like the joyful and extroverted, whatever personality we could be in a short amount of time in our cycle. And we start to accept the other parts which are maybe more tired and more introverted. And even having thoughts which don’t always feel good, or emotions which maybe are not so easy to process. And to integrating those back and to become whole is, for me, is such a big thing. Because we can’t step into our sole purpose with just accepting half of us. We can’t be half and live the full version of our life. We need to be the full version of ourselves first to step into our full life. And I think that’s so powerful about men’s recycle awareness and what I see in the woman I work with. Because the moment they slowly. It’s a long process, not something happening. From today to tomorrow. It’s coming together, something happens. It’s so organically, it’s nothing with effort or with pushing or you need to become something. It’s like it’s happening with so much ease. And everything is unfolding by its own. Yes. And with this trust to your body and this connecting back, you can first even hear your whisperings. If you don’t connect to yourself, if you don’t trust, you can’t hear it. And then you slowly start acting after them in trusting your body and what it needs. And those little impulses create those big things, like doing the little step.

[49:31] Charlotte: I love that. Thank you for sharing. That’s really beautiful. And I hear you on the importance of being a clear channel to receive and to really tune in and then work with that energy and listen to what’s there. But also, I just really love how you’ve explained the power of menstrual cycle awareness to help you do that. I think that’s so valuable. And I think that cycle awareness is like the key that’s been missing for everyone for so long and just fascinates me so much in all the different ways that psychical awareness can help us health wise. But also, you’ve talked about soul wise and in our self care, in our relationships, in our business, in all parts of who we are. It just never ceases to amaze me how much wisdom there is when we can tune into the cycle on how we are different each day. And you really explained that beautifully. Like, meet all parts of ourselves and accept those parts because we can’t live our full life or be our full self unless we accept all parts of ourselves. And I just think that that’s like, just tied it in a bow. That’s just really clear for me. And I think that’s the key. It’s like reclaiming those parts of us that we have labeled or other people have labeled as too much or too little, not enough or not enough in some way. Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. It’s somehow just not being acceptable enough, not good enough. And so we lock those parts of ourselves away, and so it’s bringing those parts of ourselves back out and sitting with them. And like you said, it’s a slow process, so you’re not moving through it too fast. It gives you time to really get to know that part, but also to move at a gentle pace. Yeah. So much in there that you said, I think that’s incredible. So do you think you’ll be doing this for long, or do you think you’re what? Tell us about the change that you feel can feel coming on. How’s your sole purpose nudging you forwards or sideways or wherever?

[52:10] Asina: Oh. So I’m just thinking about, okay, what I do feel like I want to share right now what’s waiting. So there are big steps. I let go of a lot of, like I said, I do a lot of work, and I just right now let go of some periods by example, the morning ritual and also the jewelry for the next six months and to create space. Well, how the cycle is in autumn. To let go, to create space for the new to come. And I do follow my impulse and will move to Bali in. Amazing. Yes. This is like a really big thing for me and a really big step which happened now after having a long, very painful and darker time in the last nine months. And so now I’m doing this. There’s so much opening within me and in the world, but it’s like a big letting go process right now for me. It’s a huge letting go process. So, yes, I will move to Bali with a part of my work. So I will keep going the soul coaching and my sacred feminine power program, and then I will see with the space what I do invite. And I have a little secret project I don’t talk about. Yes. So amazing. For me, it feels really big because Bali was always, like, my destination to be because I feel myself feel home there.

[54:05] Charlotte: Amazing. That’s so exciting. You’re really listening to your soul voice and taking that big leap and letting go of what’s not working for you. And I love that creating space in autumn, that’s such embodied cycle wisdom right there. Love that. Yeah. All the best of luck with your move and with all of the changes and the evolution. That’s really cool. And so if people want to connect with you and follow you or work with you, where can they find you? Where’s the best place for them to come to find you?

[54:44] Asina: So the best place to get a feeling for my work is nalinawia.com is the english version or Nalinawiat de is the german version. But most of my work as it’s evolving so quickly is not on my website at the moment. So the best way is just reach out to me and I send everything to you. So it’s contact@nalinawild.com and you find a bit more on my Instagram account at Muness Temple so it is a bit more updated. But the best way is truly at the moment to reach out to me because I’m not as quick as everything changes with my website.

[55:27] Charlotte: Okay, brilliant. So I’ll pop those links into the show notes so you can come and find Azina and her incredible work. And just thank you so much for chatting with us. I’ve really loved learning from you and sharing this space with you. Just thank you very much for being here.

[55:47] Asina: Thank you Charlotte. It’s so inspirational to talk to you. It was so good. Thank you. I’m so honored.

[55:56] Charlotte: Thanks so much for listening to wildflow. I love having you here. If you’re loving this podcast, why not leave a rating and review and share your favorite episodes with those you think would love to listen? And if you share on Instagram, tag me at Charlote Puento coach to take the next step in your own journey of learning how to live, love and lead and flow with your cyclical nature. And for deeper guidance and support in your cycle embodiment journey, you can discover my freebies and join my wildflow coven, my new cycle wisdom membership, or even discover my group programs, private cycle coaching and courses all on my website. Until next time, go well with the flow of your body’s cyclic nature.

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