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Illustrated guide featuring:

  • overview of the menstrual cycle,
  • how and why to chart your cycle (including if your cycle isn’t regular),
  • how to chart your menstrual cycle, with cycle charting guides, a breakdown of the four hormonal phases and four seasons of your cycle,
  • how to do menstrual cycle self-care as a spiritual practice and sync your cycle by inner season
  • a cycle self-care map for you to personalise,
  • and more!

Begin a spiritual practice of menstruation using this how-to guide detailing:

  • What is ritual
  • Rituals for Winter and your period,
  • Rituals for Spring and your follicular phase,
  • Rituals for Summer ovulation,
  • Rituals for Autumn pre-menstrual time

Connect in deeply with your body, womb and cycle with these three included meditations:

  • Grounding meditation to get our of your head and allow yourself to be held by Mother Earth,
  • Embodied Drop-in meditation to sensitise to your body’s whispers, intuitive knowing and soul voice by turning up the dial on your capacity to hear your body over your head and external voices,
  • Womb drum journey: take a guided womb medicine journey to cultivate a deeper relationship with her, and ask your womb for guidance as oracle and home of your intuition.

Music is a great medicine for accessing, transforming and alchemising our inner state. I created these 4 playlists as medicine to guide, hold and help you access the energies, frequencies, archetypes, challenges and gifts of each of the four seasons of the menstrual cycle and seasons of life. Save them to your Spotify or play them here to help you journey with your cycle, and deepen your self-knowing, power and cyclical magick:

  • Inner Winter: Blood Magick
  • Inner Spring: Maiden Emergence
  • Inner Summer Sensual Goddess 
  • Inner Autumn: Sorceress 

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