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Endometriosis is a very prevalent condition affecting women and people born with female anatomy affecting 1 in 10 in Australia. Its a misunderstood, under-researched and taboo topic so people living with endo, or suspecting they have it suffer terribly with pain, heavy bleeding during menstruation, have fertility issues, low energy, and on many occasions cannot get out of bed.
Adenomyosis is considered Endometriosis’s sister disease and even less is known about this condition.  Sufferers live with debilitating menstrual cycles and whole-body health problems often for many years before receiving the correct help.
Given that March has been Endometriosis Awareness Month, and April is Adenomyosis Awareness Month, I invited Isabella Gosling into the podcast to shine a light on these two conditions so whether you have this or not, you can be part of raising awareness, weakening the taboo and being a good ally to the very many people who live with and often suffer in silence.


What You’ll Learn

  • What endometriosis and adenomyosis are, what signs show you might have it, and what it is like to live with this,
  • Isabella’s journey to getting a diagnosis and treatment, plus her long term management plan for this chronic health condition,
  • How you can shortcut the 7-12 year timeframe it takes many to get a diagnosis, how to find GPs and Specialists who take you seriously and don’t shame or dismiss you,
  • How Isabella has created a community to support sufferers so they are seen, heard and understood, and her advocacy work.
  • How you can get info or mentoring with Isabella on your own journey.


If this episode lands with you, let me know! Your feedback, questions and aha moments help me create episodes that serve you, so drop me a message on Instagram or leave a review or rating!
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