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  • Healing a Broken Motherline by exploring your Rites of Passage with Rowena Hobbins

In this episode, I chatted with dear friend of mine, women’s Life Coach, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Intuitive Healer and First Moon Circle Facilitator Rowena Hobbins @raising_up_ all about her own female lineage and how this has affected her own birth, the birth of her children.

Rowena and I spoke about

  • Rowena shares how she has recently reconnected with her womb cycle, intuition, ancestors and Feminine power through understanding how the rites of passages shape and rebirth us, and how she has channelled this wisdom into the work she does now to support women in their own matrescence – the journey of raising yourself as a Mother
  • As a woman from a disconnected motherline due to adoption, Rowena has felt the echoes of her mother’s birth, and her own birth play out in the rites of passages she has lived through including her first bleed, and the births of her three children.
  • We touch on birth stories, adoption, raising girls, tending to our own inner child, and the wounds we acquire along the way



About Rowena

Rowena is a women’s Life Coach, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Intuitive Healer and First Moon Circle Facilitator. Rowena found after giving birth, especially the second time, that she felt completely shaken in who she was. Her whole being had been moved into a different space that she hadn’t planned for herself, which ultimately lead to an awakening.

Connect with Rowena

If you’d love to connect with Rowena please visit her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/raising_up_/

I’d love to know what resonates with you, what your struggles are in your day to day, and what your suggestions are too!

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