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Descending into the underworld is the stuff of powerful myths, where demons and monsters dwell in the shadows. But whether myths and monsters are real or not, they serve a profound purpose, to make meaning of the human experience, to explain what isn’t easily understood, and to help humans across time, space and place to find threads of connection in the unknown. Myths stand the test of time, still highly relevant to us in the modern era, as much as to ancient peoples, providing a map and compass for each generation to navigate the depths of the psyche through initiations, travails, dark nights of the soul, and transformations.


Todays guest Carly Mountain @carly_mountain knows myth and what’s involved to descend into the depths of the underworld where we face our darkest shadows and tallest hurdles, having discovered and recognised her and many others own life stories mirroring the great ancient myth of Inanna, Queen of heaven and earth who descended to the underworld to meet her sister Ereskigal, Queen of the Underworld after sacrificing all that she knew about herself and the world she inhabited, only to be struck dead immediately by her sister.

By working with this incredible myth and exploring the power, healing and liberation that becomes available to us when we recognise our own calls to surrender what’s ready to die in our own lives, Carly maps out in her new book Descend and Rising how we can follow Inanna’s story to make meaning of our own descents and initiations, and to powerfully rise into our power and truest selves.

tune in to hear:

  • What a descent is, what it looks and feels like in real life, and how we might recognise when we are in a descent cycle of our own.
  • How to work with the seven gates as path into the proverbial underworld, that reside energetically in our body, and why rooting down into our body and the earth is the embodied way to heal rather than to transcend to enlightenment,
  • How we can reckon with our internalised Patriarchy, and release stories, traumas, old conditioning that stops us from growth and healing,
  • The Dark feminine that lives within us: who she is; why she exists, and what she can teach us about ourselves and the world around us,
  • The split between the Masculine and Feminine, and how to reconcile it,
  • How each and every menstrual cycle and menopause are a descent and rising in its own right,
  • What it takes to rise, what needs to be left behind in the Underworld to heal and emerge back into our power, and how healing is not linear.
  • and much more… it was a rich, deep and important conversation that I’m sure will provide you with illumination of what you’ve been through before, and will probably encounter again on your next descent and rising.

meet Carly

Carly Mountain is a psychotherapist, women’s initiatory guide, breathworker and the author of Descent & Rising: Women’s Stories & the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth. Her work has evolved over twenty years of working with sacred practice and space holding. She lives in Sheffield, England with her husband and two daughters.


Connect with Carly on IG at www.instagram.com/carly_mountain and discover her book ‘Descent and Rising: women’s stories and embodiment of the Inanna myth’ and the Descent and Rising online retreat at https://linktr.ee/carly_mountain


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meet your host

Charlotte Pointeaux

Charlotte Pointeaux

Charlotte Pointeaux is an Internationally Award-Winning triple-Certified Coach, Youth Mentor, Host of Wild Flow Podcast, a sought-after guest menstrual educator and speaker. She is a Shamanic Womancrafter, a Priestess of the Cycle Mysteries.

Charlotte’s work as a Wild Feminine Cycle Coach weaves together shamanic womb healing and rite of passage work with menstrual cycle awareness and feminine embodiment tools, to guide women through their transformational journey of reclaiming their wild feminine cyclic powers to expressing their big magick as a sacred leader.

Charlotte founded First Moon Circles®, a renowned facilitator training program, to train new menstrual educators to prepare, honour and celebrate children and their care-givers at menarche (their first period). To date, she has trained almost 100 facilitators across 5 continents and is on a mission to infuse families, friendships, classrooms and communities with period positivity and menstrually inclusive practices.

Download your free menstrual magick guide by subscribing to my newsletter, and discover my coaching, courses and short classes at www.charlottepointeaux.com/coaching.

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