Charlotte Pointeaux talks about her winning international coach of the year on her Wild Flow podcast and how to embody your next level self

I had the most epic news recently: I won the International Coach of the Year Award and it blew my mind!

In fact, just being named a finalist at the end of the year was a huge enough deal and I quickly fell into a bit of a spiral of not feeling enough, imposter syndrome, and wondering how I could expand into my next level self who could actually win this! Fast forward and I did win. And I didn’t vomit on myself when I accepted the award (although I did have tears and make a lot of noise, more on why this was totally acceptable to me in this episode!)
I hear so many clients share – and have lived it myself – that embodying our highest self, or welcoming the success we desire, or feeling like a winner even if we aren’t sure we deserve it, can be SUCH a block.
What You’ll Learn
  • In this episode I share the story of all the inner embodiment work, mindset work, and all the support I called in to help me fully own the shit out of this finalist place and win – before it happened.
  • I take you on a journey of what thoughts, feelings and blocks I had around this award, and why it felt so unsafe for me to be so visible, and how I turned up at the awards ready to deliver a great acceptance speech, ready to celebrate myself and everyone else, and ready to own it!
  • Lastly, I leave you with some tips and strategies to help you embody your next level self too – how you can magnetise your desires and see your full magick and medicine within you, that others can already see.


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