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How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your CEO Mindset in Business

I am always fascinated to hear how someone experiences their own unique menstrual cycle given that we know that it has such a big influence on how we feel and show up everyday. So joining the dots between where we are in our cycle and how we can put it to work inside our business is such a juicy next level topic that I loved having in today’s new episode of #wildflowpodcast.
My biz coach Ellie Swift joined me for her first public conversation about how her menstrual cycle affects how she runs her epic business, how her cycle influences how she shows up for her clients, and how her ability to keep a strong CEO mindset changes across her cycle.

What You’ll Learn

We had a really rich conversation about how we:

  • Structure businesses to honour our core values and lives as multipassionate women and leaders.
  • Check in with our cycle to bring awareness to the way we think, feel, show up, make decisions and coach across our cycle
  • Distinguish between the masculine and feminine energetics of running a business as a woman who is very connected to her body, cycle, feelings and intuition.
  • Prioritise feeling good in our business day to day by keeping it real and honouring where we and our teams are at when life shows its unpredictable side, and how role modelling this gives our clients deep permission to do the same.
  • Change up our mindset work across our menstrual cycle.


If this episode lands with you, let me know! Your feedback, questions and aha moments help me create episodes that serve you, so drop me a message on Instagram or leave a review or rating!
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About Ellie

Ellie Swift is a Business Mentor for high-performing women who are ready to build soul-led, intentional and profitable online businesses.
Using her signature Swift Marketing Method, Ellie helps coaches, creatives & consultants connect with their customers, shine online, and create life-changing results (for both themselves & their clients). After a decade working in marketing in London, Sydney, and Perth, Ellie achieved her goal of Head of Marketing Strategy by the age of 28 before making the transition into her business. She has built a 7-figure business in 4 years and has supported her clients as they’ve built 6, multi 6 and 7-figure businesses and completely transformed their businesses (and lives!) using mindset, marketing & strategy. Ellie’s mission is to support soul-led women to experience the lives they dream of through entrepreneurship.

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