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light a fire under your vision and shine

it's time to release your blocks and step boldly onto the path that awaits you, with a 1:1 intensive with me

Charlotte Pointeaux, Sacred Business Activator, Coach and Priestess

you have a vision, so what's holding you back?

When there is a piece of the puzzle missing it can become the thorn in your side, the one thing that you can’t shift or move through to activate your goals, birth your incredible vision, or move forward from, despite being so clear on where you’re headed. 

I get it. I have these moments. I can see and taste where I am headed, but something is not quite in alignment yet. Something feels off, or there is a piece of information, insight, or confidence not yet grasped at your finger tips, and it’s becoming, simply, annoying.

When you’re in these moments, you’re on the cusp of a rebirth of sorts, and you just need some specialist midwifing through the labour pains to find clarity, certainty, ease and activation. 

that’s where I come in…

understand where you're at, and why you're feeling somewhat stuck

get crystal clear on exactly where you want to be growing, transforming and how you desire to show up in your life and in your magick

be held in the cocoon to get the practical steps forward along with the energetic / mindset / embodiment shifts you need to claim your next level self.

1:1 intensive coaching

laser-focused intensive support

Get clear on where you are, where you want to be, and share the truth of what’s holding you back. Powerful questions help you to zone right in on what’s out of alignment or missing, so we can squeeze the most juice from our 1:1 intensive.

Having prepped for this zoom session we get right down to it. This bespoke session will include the coaching, embodiment, business or mindset work that you personally need, according to your goals, desires, resistances, and focus. For some, this might be business strategy and knowledge sharing, and co-creating a powerful plan of action. Whilst for others this might be meditative and embodied work to give space for you to feel, heal, release, and expand towards your truest, most aligned and expansive self who can hold and share her magick in the world.

Once your 1:1 is complete it’s not goodbye! I know that having someone to bounce ideas off and to hold you in the challenges that come up during integration is PRICELESS.

I’m here to walk beside you over the next 3 business days as the takeaways from our intensive settle into your being, to answer your follow up questions, to hear and hold you, to challenge and inspire you, to provide assurance with doubts, and to help you get the finer points down so you can flourish. 

Via the secure Signal messaging app you can leave me as many messages as you like, and I will respond to you during business hours for 3 days. 

Whether you’re in Australia or an overseas timezone, this format gives you chance to ask and share what’s coming up for you, so you’re ready to roll and step boldly into your power. 

I see you and I get it

having been on an expansive personal and business journey myself I know how hard it can feel to walk this path alone. I'm here to priestess you through the final phase of your evolution

In the transformation cycle, as we leave the cocoon of who we have been and the comfortable ways we’ve been putting our magick out into the world, those final pushes towards expansion can keep us stuck for some time. I’ve been walking this path for years, and when I come up against a deeper block, uncertainty, fears or if I can’t see what I can’t see, then I know its time to engage a guide who can activate what’s meant for me. This is when I hire a coach, mentor, or healer. 

There’ve been so many times when I’ve been doing the inner work by myself, but know that I need to be heard, witnessed and shown my blind spots so I can be liberated from playing small and holding back. 

This is why I created this 1:1 intensive container, to honour all the work you’ve been doing, whilst giving you the support you need to break through in a simple, but highly effective container that will quickly allow you to fully bloom. 

Held over 4 days, this intensive is the simplest and most cost-effective way to work with me, allowing you to stop spinning in circles and emerge, ready to rise and shine in your power.

Let’s do this. Simply book into my calendar, purchase the session (it’s currently $400 AUD + GST) and let’s go!

I can’t wait to support you,

Charlotte xxx

prefer a deeper, longer-term transformational experience?

If you know there is more work to be done before you're ready to fly, I invite you to discover my longer term 1:1 immersion instead. Over 3+ months I will hold you in fortnightly sessions and a private, between-session container, to go deep into the feminine healing depths, before you're ready to rise and emerge into the masculine state of taking action, creation and expanding into the world. discover how I can support you in the deeper work now