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Making herstory: a guided womb healing journey

if you reject your menstrual cycle, you reject your body,
and if you reject your body you reject yourself.

Making HerStory womb story healing course with Charlotte Pointeaux

heal your connection to your feminine-self and menstrual story by invoking and honouring your inner Maiden.

The way we experience our first bleed (menarche) shapes our beliefs about our worth, power, and value as a cyclical being which stays with us. By honouring and embodying your Maiden archetype you can reclaim your beautiful womb and rites of passages.

Over 4 weeks you will receive:

4 weeks of online course materials including rituals, activities, shamanic journeys and guided meditations, embodiment practices and creative practices to help you reclaim your body, your cycle, your womb and your power within.

Re-write your womb story

Your inner Maiden self just wants to be witnessed. That is the nature of The Maiden.

Young, naive, carefree. Optimistic, full of big world dreams, ideas and possibilities. Until she is not.

The Maiden is the archetypal self aged 0-25 who experienced discovering the world, finding her identity and her place in the world.

These early years of our lives including our Menarche (first period) forever imprint us, depending on how well we were – or were not – received, prepared, supported and celebrated at this pivotal point in our lives.

How you experienced your first period directly imprints how you see yourself in the world. How worthy, powerful, and accepted you are as a whole woman, which ripples out to how you live, take up space, claim your power, and experience your future on many conscious and unconscious levels. And it shapes the way you experience your rites of passages in the future, including birthing, motherhood, menopause and ultimately, death.

By becoming intimate with your experience of your Maidenhood, and reclaiming this time for yourself, you have the potential to extract the medicine from what was, to inform, re-write, and reclaim what will be. In this one month container, we are journeying back in time to heal our lineages past, present and future, by gifting ourselves, our ancestors and our children a more loving, trusting, aware and empowered relationship with our womb, cycle, body and womanhood.

Join us. 

your power is waiting within you

reclaim your body, your cycle and your womb

Through the cycle

How will the journey unfold?

You will Illuminate the patterns and stories playing out across your womb story, and be invited into a healing process so that you can course-correct your story for the future, for yourself, and the future of your lineage. You’ll also receive playful rituals, creative practices and embodied movement explorations to invoke the energy of your Maiden. Part deeper healing work, part playful exploration, this will feel illuminating, healing and joyful all in one.

New Moon:
The Journey Begins

When the container opens you’ll receive access to an online portal containing your initiation ritual and Making HerStory soundtrack.

Waxing Moon:
Meeting Your Maiden

Week 1 is all about invoking and meeting your Maiden, and connecting with her energy. Featuring a guided journey to meet your inner Maiden you’ll begin to see the threads woven into your womb story. Join us for our first online Circle on the First Quarter Moon

Full Moon:
Gathering the Bones

In week 2 you’ll connect to your past rites of passages beginning with your menarche, your first period. Re-tell your womb story from menarche to the present moment in a guided reflective process. Move and express through creative rituals.

Waxing Moon:
Releasing What Was

At Waning moon you’ll give thanks for all that’s been having extracted the medicine from your story, releasing all that is no longer needed through a healing process and release ritual. Featuring release ritual and movement / creative practice.

New Moon:
Revisioning The Future

In the final week you will cast your eyes to the future, reclaiming your womb, intuition, sovereignty and intention for revisioning your menstrual journey and rites of passages yet to come. Embody your healed Maiden so she can be initiated into her healthy mature aspect. You’ll go on a guided journey to meet Wolf Woman and cast spells of new intentions for there future. Gather for our Closing Circle.

Have a question?

frequently asked questions explained....

Absolutely. I acknowledge that many women struggle to recall this time of life and that may be for a number of reasons. If you are willing to connect with your earlier life I will guide you to do so gently, in a trauma-informed safer and inclusive space, and invite you to know that even if you can’t remember, there is much medicine and information still available in this journey – and in recognising that you don’t recall – that in itself is important knowledge. 
Access to the rituals, practices and guided activities will be for 12 months. 
I have a trauma-informed approach to work and bodily safety is of the utmost importance to me in all I do. Please be discerning about whether revisiting your lived experiences is for you or not. You’ll be invited to participate and welcome to have sovereignty over what you share and don’t share, and what you do and don’t participate in at all times. And if you need further support to process trauma please seek a trauma-responsive practitioner. Should you have any questions relating to this, please feel free to contact me at Charlotte (at) charlottepointeaux.com 

Yes My intention is so. 

This space is for people identifying as women and gender diverse people, including people who have experienced a menstrual cycle at some point. You don’t need to currently have a menstrual cycle or a womb right now – for whatever reason. You are welcome here.

We welcome people identifying as:

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, 
  • LBGTQIA+ people who identify as women and gender non-binary and have had a cycle at some point.
  • People living with disability
If you would like to speak with me about your needs so I can be informed and support you to feel safe here please do contact me at Charlotte @ charlottepointeaux.com

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