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calling rebel-hearts and sacred leaders here to serve

do you want an aligned, abundant business as a sacred leader that supports you to do your soul-work whilst honouring your cyclical energy and season of life?

Me too – welcome!


begins winter solstice 2024

apply by 19.06.2024

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Hi i'm Charlotte Pointeaux

building my biz around my cycle and season of life meant going against the grain

I’m an internationally award-winning coach, mentor, priestess, business owner, wife and mama of 3. Hi!

During my business journey I’ve both winged how I operate my business, and worked with coaches to learn proper strategy to help me create, plan and deliver my offers so I can attract amazing clients and make a solid income doing what I love. And I tell you, working with a coach turbocharged my business – whereas doing it alone was isolating, and a drain on my time and energy in trial and error, second guessing and making lots of easy to avoid mistakes.

Yet, when working with a coach I’ve often felt that no-one understood how to work with their body or business’s seasons and cycles, when I KNEW how much my cycle affects my focus, confidence, resilience, productivity and clarity.


This is why, after supporting so many clients to work with and love their cycle, and seeing how powerful incorporating cycle awareness into your business model is, I’ve created THE business coaching mastermind I would have loved to join myself.

I’ve created a group experience where you can receive focused business, mindset, and cycle coaching directly from me, the support and shared learning from being part of a group of women on the same path as you, and a mini-course of lessons laser-focused on the business how-to, so you can learn business skills and tips to take the guess work out of what to do, how to do it, and how to do it in a cyclical, non-hustle way and apply it immediately – with support – to your business. Plus, I’m providing powerful mindset and embodiment practices and meditations to help you uplevel your energy to hold you as you grow.

The result? You’ll grow your client base, income and impact, as well as your confidence, clarity and ease in yourself and your business.

Inside the Mastermind you’ll receive a private 90 minute 1:1 onboarding coaching session with me followed by fortnightly group coaching calls where you’ll get 1:1 support on your business and mindset. You’ll have direct access to my on-the-spot voice message support 3 days a week, my eyes and heart in your biz to help you make aligned decisions and progress, access to the mini-course of resources for anytime access. You’ll get the killer combo of not just me in your corner, but the soulful support of women who share the same values: see what they’re doing in their biz, and have instant encouragement and sisterhood support. I can’t tell you how priceless having this combo has been for me in the past, instead of trying to figure it out alone.

Applications are open until 19.6.24 for aligned women and femmes whether you’re kicking off or already in full swing and want to take things up a notch. It’s time to be all-in on your goals, and make this the year you grow, flow and serve.

Join us!

applications for founding members close in


if you're done with figuring it out alone with mixed results, if you've been burnt out by biz and need to work more sustainably, it's time to bring cyclical business support in to your life

The solo-entrepreneurial journey is a challenging path to walk alone. Trying to make decisions, show up and serve, create and trust yourself without anyone in your corner.

It’s even more challenging when you don’t want to repeat the hustle culture that’s all around you, and you’re knee-deep in your own healing journey, trying to step into your power, but keep coming up against mindset and energy blocks that stop you in your tracks. 

Your vision for an ideal life and business is one where you have time and space in-built for rest, visioning and all that brings you joy, so you can work smarter not harder in true service of your much-loved clients. 

You want a plan so you can fulfil your soul’s purpose without needing to be on at 100% all the time, so your cup is over-flowing in fulfilment, ease and trust that your biz is working for you.

You want to be able to honour yourself first and foremost, especially in this season of life, but so its future-proof too.

What you’re after is a roadmap for creating a business that is a true reflection of your authentic nature, that generates a proper income, and helps you help those who need your particular medicine.

You’re feeling deeply called – whether you’re in business now, starting off or scaling – to be bold, courageous, and devoted to fulfilling your soul’s purpose. 

Its time to step up and out, be seen more fully, and serve.

Now, imagine being in a room of women who want the same thing, and who are here to uplift you, and share this wild ride with you.

Women who get the vibe.

Who are here to stand rooted in their power, their choice and their body.

Women who are here to share support, ideas, and big inspiration, and reflect back to you the support, wisdom and encouragement you didn’t know you needed, all so you can…

  • Show up as an embodied sacred leader of your business, be crystal clear on your value for your clients, and carry out your heart-led mission as the ceo boss-witch you’re here to be
  • Have a clear map for working with your cyclical archetypes – helping you get the best creativity, leadership and abundance of your ebbs and flows instead of seeing them as a hindrance
  • Follow an aligned strategy for growing your business in a way that holds you in a masculine framework, so your feminine creativity and heart-centred service can flow in it’s full magick.


Leadership, Cycle, Strategy. 

If this is where you’re at, you’ll love this Cyclical Business Mastermind.

Applications are open now, closing Wednesday 19th June 2024.


it's ideally for you if:

  • You’re a coach, mentor, healer, facilitator, space holder, creative, consultant, and you run your own business and desire to share your gifts powerfully with the world. You might be starting off or in the process of growing your existing business – but ultimately you’re here because you…
  • Desire more flow and ease to work smarter not harder, want to balance your masculine and feminine energies in your life and biz, and know there is huge potential available to you by not just following your cycle but actually implementing cycle knowledge into how you run your business, as well as the embodiment and energetic work…
  • Have a menstrual cycle or not, a womb or not, but value cyclical approaches to life and work for the many benefits it brings you in your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and business realms…
  • You’re ready to dive in, get committed to bringing your vision and mission to life, and are ready to show up, do the inner work and take aligned action. No more playing safe or hiding…
  • You’re keen to be a member of a high-vibration circle of sacred women on the same path, and you can show up as your whole self whilst celebrating each other, being open hearted and minded, and willing to learn from each moment in the experience.
Charlotte Pointeaux, Sacred Business Activator, Coach and Priestess

OK what's the plan?

the pillars of cyclical business

my 3 pillar framework focuses on:

cycle wisdom for self and biz

business strategy and how-to

sacred leadership mindset and energy

Cycle knowledge, frameworks and archetype work for better business flow. Receive guidance on honouring and harnessing your menstrual and seasonal cycle wisdom for creativity, productivity and leadership for optimal output, minimal drain

Develop your online business with strategy that grows your profile, audience, clientele and income whilst creating long-term sustainability and more freedom to live your life well. Strategy focuses on your expression, pr, launching, offer development, tech, pricing and more

Sacred leadership coaching, and mindset and energetic tune ups to help you shed resistance, move through fears, and transmute the scarcity energy that holds you back​. Step into your power and show up, call in abundamce, and take your biz seriously

plus 1:1 coaching from me, and soulful support from your mastermind sisters


spill the beans on this mastermind - what level of support will I get?

Places are capped at just 8 for this mastermind to ensure I hold an intimate space for each of you, with time for you to be supported as needed on each call and between. You’ll meet other business besties who are here to cheer you on, celebrate, support and hold you lovingly accountable as you need it. You are the company you keep, so choose to be around powerhouse women who also get the sacred and cyclical nature of how we choose to do business.
Let’s get you onboarded right with a deep-dive with me, where we will look at your business as it stands now, explore your goals and intentions, and make a plan to address your gaps, blocks and challenges over your time in the mastermind

Group coaching calls will be held on zoom where you’ll be coached directly by me, and supported by all. You’ll get ny eyes, ears, heart and intuition on what’s alive and present for you in the moment, where we’ll go into the inner work and look at the actions that you could take to move forward. You’ll be amazed at how in true circle-style, you’ll benefit from each other’s shares and often receive the coaching you didn’t know you needed.

When will the calls be? 

Tuesdays. Depending on member timezones, one call a month will be at 11am and one at 8pm. [Timezone: AEDT/AEST Sydney]

Between group calls you can share celebrations and challenges, check-in with support for each other, and ask for guidance in our group Slack channel. This is our connection touch point where you can drop in any time, and I’ll respond to all messages with in-depth support 3 days a week so you can keep aligned, inspired and expanded as integration and action happens.

Leave us voice messages, notes, links to check out your work. Not only will you get my support but the cheering, accountability, inspiration and expansion of being in a tightly-held potent, mature sisterhood of women on the same path who get the vibe of slower, sustainable, cyclical business.

Dive in right away, so you can take what you need based on where you’re at. Topics include money mindset and pricing, overcoming self-doubt, growing your sacred leadership, creating your brand voice, how to sell on social media, how to  grow your audience, easeful, cyclical launch strategies, creating a suite of product offers to call clients closer, and more. (sidenote: I am currently building this resource library, and your input is so welcome, this will keep growing over time based on your needs).

I become your wing woman to get inside your biz, know where you’re at, understand your goals and midwife you towards it. I’ll be there helping you make aligned decisions, plans and actions as you go. 

As such I can review your marketing copy, launch plan, ideas, sales page, etc, to give you my eyes and ears and benefit of my years of experience, as well as my intuitive embodiment coaching support with your mindset, energy and confidence to embody your CEO-self.

Stop the overwhelm, overthinking, second guessing and let’s get it done with ease and clarity together.

what's the commitment?

I have done my very very best to make this as affordable as possible, where I am bringing my absolute best coaching and a super high vibe experience, yet offering this in a fair, sustainable and equitable way that supports you powerfully and holistically.
It’s a very small yet high impact container, a six month commitment, where I will be all in on your business. I have no doubt that in return, you’ll learn tools to set you up for a lifetime of success in your business, as well as to be held, heard and supported as you implement, expand and rise! 


Investment of $680 AUD per month

pay in full

Investment of $4,000 AUD for 6 months

Prices are inclusive of GST incurred by Australian residents only

There are at any time unto 2 scholarship places available for those eligible, please view the scholarship application form.



Applications are open now for founding membership, closing on Wednesday 19th June 2024. After this you can join when a space becomes available.

Places will be filled on a first come first served basis for aligned women, with the mastermind officially opening week commencing 24th June. 

Calls will begin in July 2024.

As a rolling mastermind there will be a founding member cohort, but no definitive end date.

Your commitment is for a minimum of 6 months to allow for us to journey deeply enough so you can learn, integrate, move through the embodiment and integration, as well as make strategic and practical changes. This all takes time especially when we honour the seasonality of our bodies and businesses. Therefore six months is the minimum time we need to get going.

After the six months I will invite you to renew your term so we can maintain the good work we’ve begun. I find that when you work with the same coach for a longer period of time it’s incredibly beneficial, instead of explaining your story and business I already know it, I’m already your right hand biz bestie and your support squad is already by your side. And when we decide on a strategy we will see it through, instead of panicking and making unnecessary changes. Continuity of support is powerful.

This mastermind is run on a rolling basis meaning it doesn’t end, with just 8 places available at any time. Once all places are full it’s full. If you would like to join in the future please join the waitlist to be invited to join when a space becomes available. 

Unsure if a mastermind is right for you? Here’s why masterminds are the thing that took my business next level…

Masterminds are the best of both worlds: you get direct coaching from the lead (me) and also support, encouragement and so much confidence from allowing yourself to be held and belong to a high-vibe group of women who share the same values, and who are walking the same path. 

It gives you chance to peek beyond the veil at other’s businesses, so you get options on how things can be done, so you can choose your own approach, and you can benefit from collective support because no doubt you will all be experiencing so many of the same highs and lows. 

Yes it can feel vulnerable to open up about your challenges to other women: that’s your ego talking and your fear of being judged or rejected (or both). YET, we hold your perfectionism, your hesitations, your fears and your wobbles with so much love, allowing you to practice showing up and getting over your resistances in a safe cocoon space, before launching in the real world. This aspect of the mastermind in and of itself is a powerfully haling and transformational opportunity, to be seen, heard and expressed authentically in  safe container before speaking up and leading online.

You can also consider us a safe play space to do market research, get opinions and feedback, and refine your message to more effectively and quickly communicate with your ideal clients.

We are also a collaboration hotspot! So many ideas, partnerships, and opportunities can arise from these spaces. 

However if you do feel like you would prefer to do this work 1:1 with just me, then I also offer that separately (at a higher price) which is bespoke and private, just for you. If this interests you, please complete this application form instead.

You’re feeling uncertain, wondering whether you can trust yourself to get the best out of this experience, wondering whether you have time, money and energy. You know you need it but are you sure you’re ready?

Deep down, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a part of you that’s a bit concerned about what might happen if you do go down this path: the unknowns of who you might become, what you might find, whether life will be the same on the other side. 

Maybe you’re coming up against self-doubt, the inner critic who makes you feel unworthy, who keeps you small and scared. 

I hear you. It’s big work. But you aren’t here to play small, are you? You’ve read this far because this mastermind experience speaks to you on so many levels, and the combination of cycle wisdom, business and leadership speaks straight to your heart and soul.

I believe that when something is meant for you, you cannot avoid the transformation because in the end, i’s coming, its just a matter of how long will you resist? 

I want you to know that I work gently in a way that honours healing, transformation and business as a cyclical process. I am trauma-informed and would never push you just for the sake of results. This isn’t about me, it’s about you. 

I’m not here to tell you there is one way to do anything, but I am here to lovingly guide you, support you, help you get clear and make decisions, so you can get out of your own way with grace.

I trust and respect that you are a sovereign woman who knows what she needs and when to say no.

I am your guardian in this journey, midwifing you through a transformational process that may bring up some things to be healed. And I’m here you hold you through the highs and lows because there will be plenty of both.

I’ve got you, if you’re ready to take aligned action, call yourself forward, create, lead and show up (all in tune with your cycle of course), then this is for you.

If you’re not feeling ready, if you’re in a deep season of healing, if you’re not ready to show up and lead, then this mastermind isn’t for you, and I would suggest seeking 1:1 work with me instead.

There are unto 2 scholarship places available per 6 months and this is exclusively by application and eligibility. Please view the application form here.

where to from here?

IF it's a whole body yes it's time to step into your power and join the waitlist