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Charlotte is proudly awarded 'International coach of the year' 2021-22


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Charlotte Pointeaux is an internationally award-winning Wild Feminine Cycle Coach.
She is a speaker, teacher, children’s menstrual educator, shamanic guide of the cycle mysteries, host of the Wild Flow Podcast and Founder and Facilitator of First Moon Circles®.
Charlotte guides women to explore, honour and embody their menstrual cycle, to heal their relationship with their womb and body, and to create, live, love and lead in business in flow with their cyclic powers.
She shares tips on cyclical living, cycle self-care, and rite of passage healing, and is on a mission to minimise menstrual shame and create period and cycle-positive cultures in families, schools, workplaces and communities.
As Founder and Program Director of the First Moon Circles® Facilitator Training, Charlotte leads a globally-recognised program and community of over 60 menstrual educators who do period education differently. Weaving together science, the sacred and sisterhood, First Moon Circles educate, prepare, celebrate and honour children aged 9-12 to feel confident about puberty and beginning their menstrual cycles.
She is trained as a menstrual cycle, life and feminine embodiment coach, youth mentor, integrative pelvic health facilitator and shamanic woman crafter.
Charlotte was named International Coach of the Year 2021-22 and is a two-time Finalist in the Beautiful You Coaching Awards for her First Moon Circles work .


speaking topics

Charlotte passionately speaks about

  • Menstrual cycle awareness, embodying the cycles and cyclic self-care to support you in your own unique cycle experience
  • Cyclical living for personal wellbeing, parenting, creativity and flourishing in a cyclical business
  • Womb wisdom, shamanic work and nurturing the womb as home of intuition, sensuality, and expression of the wild feminine archetype
  • Rites of passage honouring, repairing, reclaiming and celebrating in ceremony (menarche, birthing, motherhood and menopause)
  • Hosting sacred circles and holding transformative, safe and inclusive spaces for women and girls
  • Creating period positive spaces and cultures within families, schools, workplaces and communities
  • Educating children about periods and puberty
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Teaching and speaking

  • Senior Mentor for Claire Baker’s Cycle Coach Facilitator Training 2021 and 2022
  • Guest Teacher on a number of private coaching programs including ‘Magnetic Woman’ with Shoshana Sadia, and ‘Conscious Parenting’ with Alita Blanchard and ‘Mother’s Circle’ with Inner Mama Healing. 
  • Masterclass for Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training
  • PMDD Healing Summit 2022



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