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meet Charlotte

Charlotte Pointeaux is an Internationally Award-Winning Menstrual Cycle Coach, Host of Wild Flow Podcast, a sought-after Teacher, Guide and Sacred Ceremonialist.

Charlotte compassionately guides people through a profoundly transformative journey, helping them heal their connection with their menstrual cycle, rites of passage, and their body’s innate wisdom. Charlotte’s passion lies in empowering her community to rediscover and respect their inner cycles as a guiding map to unlock self-sovereignty, embrace sacred leadership, and integrate cyclical living with sustainable business practices. With her programs, events, and coaching, Charlotte’s clients evolve and embody their full potency and magick to create thriving, soulful lives and businesses that inspire.

Charlotte is also the founder and leader of the First Moon Circle® School. She heads the Facilitator Training program, specialising in children’s menstrual education worldwide. The program equips educators to provide positive menstrual cycle and puberty education to children aged 9-12 and their families.

 Charlotte was named International Coach of the Year 2021-22 and is a three-time Finalist in the Beautiful You Coaching Awards for her First Moon Circles Facilitator Training Program and her Wild Flow Podcast. She has just been named Finalist in the Coach of the Decade Award – Life Stages Coach.

Charlotte is proudly awarded 'International coach of the year' 2021-22

wild flow podcast is a finalist for best podcast 2022-23​


speaking topics

Charlotte passionately speaks about:

  1. Your Menstrual cycle is your source of power and wisdom: understanding how your experience of each phase of your menstrual cycle reveals your inner superpowers, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for healing and growth, so you can reclaim your inner power, and enrich your relationship with yourself.

  2. Living cyclically gives us a map to creating a fulfilling, healthy, empowering and sustainable life, family and business. Honouring our inner seasons, and the seasons of life and business we move through turbo charges creativity, wellbeing, and capacity for leadership.

  3. How to support your daughter to feel positive, prepared and powerful about puberty and menstruation. What to say, when to have the talk, and how to say it, when you aren’t sure you have the language or knowledge yourself, so you can break the cycles of shame that follow us through the generations. Period power for the win!

Charlotte Pointeaux cycle coaching headshot

selected podcasts...

  1. The Power of Menstrual Cycle Seasons for Life and Business Success: Seed To Success VA Community Podcast
  2. Inviting our Partners into the Menstrual Cycle Conversation: The Hormonally Balanced Mothers Podcast
  3. Living in Flow with Your Menstrual Cycle: Aware Parenting with Joss Goulden
  4. Motherhood, Mother Phase and Mother Archetype: Women’s Collective Consciousness 
  5. Talking Bleeding with Menstrual Cycle Coach Charlotte Pointeaux: Parenting Community Podcast
  6. The Superpower of Your Menstrual Cycle for Business Success: Seriously In Business Podcast
  7. Embodied Reclamation Through The Menstrual Cycle: The SensuAlchemy School Podcast with Kate Leiper
  8. The Importance of Menarche and Preparing for your Child’s First Period: The Future Is Cyclic: a podcast for parents with periods, with Sarah Starrs
  9. Cyclical Living with Charlotte Pointeaux: The Priestess Podcast with Julie Parker
  10. Reconnecting With Our Cyclic Nature: Calm The Hell Down Podcast with Laura Maurer
  11. Building A 6 figure Business Without Teaching Business (and doing it whilst flowing with your menstrual cycle): Shine Online with Ellie Swift
  12. Celebrating Menarche with First Moon Circles: The Youth Mentor Podcast with Amanda Rootsey
  13. Rediscovering Your Menstrual Power for PMDD Relief and Healing: PMDD Healing Podcast with Charisma Whitefeather
  14. Embrace Your Wild Feminine Flow in Business, Life + Leadership: Sparked with Emma Campbell
  15. Healing Menstrual Shame, Rites of Passage Healing and Cyclical Living:  The Mother Space Podcast with Annalisa Gardiner
  16. Healing The Frontiers Of Our Female Lineage Raising Up with Rowena Hobbins
  17. How To Powerfully Use Your Menstrual Cycle in Business – Feminine Business School Podcast with Ainslie Young
  18. Working With Your Menstrual Cycle – Your True Self Podcast with Jaci Rogash
  19. Embody Your Wild Feminine Cyclic Power – Leading Lightworkers Raw + Unfiltered with Kylie Holmes
  20. Discovering Cyclical Wisdom – Earth Within Podcast with Sophie French
  21. Conscious Sex Education: Conversations with the Divine Feminine Podcast with Diana Adamko
  22. First Moon Circles: The Empowerment Project Podcast with Nicole Dargie

listen here:

teaching and speaking...

  • Inner Circle Masterclass for the Seed to Success VA Community on the Menstrual Cycle as a Superpower for a Powerful yet Gentle Business.

  • Youth Mentor Conference 2023, hosted by Shine From Within

  • Senior Mentor for Claire Baker’s Cycle Coach Facilitator Training 2021, 2022 and 2023.

  • Guest Teacher on a number of private coaching programs including:

    • ‘Magnetic Woman’ with Shoshana Sadia,

    • ‘Conscious Parenting’ with Alita Blanchard,

    • ‘Mother’s Circle’ with Inner Mama Healing,

    • Jaci Rogash’s Self-Empowered Mastermind

    • and Monique Harding’s Inner Circle Mastermind

  • Masterclass for Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training

  • PMDD Healing Summit 2022

blogs and news...

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