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welcome, wild one.

Would you love to understand how your unique menstrual cycle influences your life, relationships, career and ability to be your most magickal self?
Do you desire to create a more loving relationship with your womb and cycle, and to bring loving awareness to how your rites of passages shape how you show up today?
Are you ready to ignite your intuition, pleasure, purpose and unlock your wild feminine authority to live your fullest life?

I see you, cyclic Goddess.

It's time to remember and embody your wilderness within...

charlotte cycle coaching

About Me

I'm charlotte (She/Her). cycle coach, shamanic womb guide and International Coach of the Year, baby!

Ceremonialist, Teacher, Podcaster, Circle Keeper, and Cycle Guide to women and children.

Passionate spokesperson and change-maker inspiring people to appreciate the menstrual cycle and Feminine ways of living instead of treating it like a dirty little secret.
Born in England, gratefully living in Australia on Gundungurra Country.
I am Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer Rising.
Mum to three young daughters who I hope benefit from my inner healing, to embrace their menstrual cycle and wholeness early in their lives.
And, I am also someone who has been incredibly disconnected from my own body and cycle wisdom for most of my life, before realising with great sadness all the ways patriarchy intentionally keep us disconnected.
I said “no more, this ends with me”.
Reconnecting with my body, learning to trust her and her messages, being able to hear her truth and meet her needs, and doing my own body, womb and belief reclamation work has been central to me letting go of the past to reclaim my fullness as a woman on a mission, and now, I share that medicine with women and girls, so they can love, accept and value themselves too.
I’m passionate about guiding womb keepers to see past the stories that our periods, body’s and emotions are curses, to reveal the truth that since the beginning of times, women, the Goddess and our wombs have been revered for the life giving, leadership, force of love and magick that a they are.

It’s time to reclaim your body, your womb, and your truth, and to step into the wild feminine power that lives coiled up like a snake within you.

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winter solstice ceremony

winter solstice ceremony sacred women's with Charlotte Pointeaux
7:45 pm
join us for a sacred ceremony on winter solstice night in a beautiful gathering in our bush-side lodge. 

21 June – Mittagong nsw

the journey begins in july

cycle sorcery

early bird places now enrolling.

4 month group program beginning Full Moon 14th July. 
Womb wisdom, soulful sisterhood, magick, ritual and circles.

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what's it all about?

what is wild feminine cycle coaching?

We cannot deny that we are all part of the whole: as above, so below, as with-in, so with-out.
The great cycles within and around us connect us to the way the Feminine Goddess was revered for millennia as the great life-giver, seer, healer and continuation of our ways of living. Nowadays our culture has forgotten the cyclical way as a result of this dominant patriarchal, capitalist culture forcing us to deny and override our inherent cyclical nature to fit in and survive. 
By reclaiming the great cycles within us and around us, and living by them, we can learn to see, understand and honour our wholeness to release shame and fear, so we can let go of harmful ways of living and instead step into our wild feminine power that honours our  cyclical humanity – whether you currently bleed or not.


Your sacred menstrual cycle is the most powerful cycle held within your divine body. As you move through the phases of your menstrual cycle, you are invited to experience the full spectrum of life, and to learn to love all the different aspects of who you are: even the bits you struggle with. Honouring your cycle means loving all parts of you, including the wilderness within.


As the wheel of the year turns so too do our Earth's seasons, a mirror for our own inner seasons. Embracing the Earth's rhythm teaches us to honour the cyclical process, to embrace our light and dark, our inhale and exhale, and the value of rest and restoration. The Great Mother Earth, Pachamama, holds us, grounds us and connects us around the world., and teaches us to see and love ourselves as nature.


The sky holds the cosmic cycles of moon, stars, and planets which are a great mirror of what is playing out on the Earth, and within our physical bodies. The moon mirrors our menstrual cycle's 28-29 day rhythm and invites us to embrace our yin feminine, intuitive, visioning nature. Attuning to the moon is a beautiful way of living cyclically if you are pregnant, menopausal, or don't have a menstrual cycle for any other reason.

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