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Are you a women’s health, menstrual cycle, menopause or rites of passage or soul teacher, guide, or coach? 

Is your work in alignment with embodiment, soul work, menstrual cycle wisdom, the women’s mysteries, feminine leadership / business, women’s spirituality or other similar?

Would you love to share your story, work and message as a guest on Wild Flow?

Our listeners tune in from around the Earth, and include women at the start of their learning and healing journeys about their menstrual cycle and their true selves, through to women who are deeply connected to their embodied wisdom and spiritual path. Many many of our listeners are also practitioners, coaches, healers and guides in this space. 

Our Guests on Wild Flow Podcast include wise and embodied coaches, guides, healers, teachers, advocates and activists, writers, and leaders who are devoted to guiding women to discover and reclaim their true selves, their inner power, sovereignty and wellbeing through doing their big, deep inner healing work.


If you would like to join the conversation, please complete this application form to explain what you would love to share. Your application will be considered and those that are a match in terms of messaging, values, and audience will be invited to record an episode. Discover previous guests and episodes here


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