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wild flow podcast is a finalist for best podcast 2022-23

wild flow podcast is a finalist for best podcast 2022-23​

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In a world where cycles are all around us in nature and in our own bodies, most of us are taught to suppress and deny their power and presence on our health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

Wild Flow Podcast hosted by Internationally Award-Winning Wild Feminine Cycle Coach Charlotte inspires women to unlock the power of their wild womb, sovereign selves and cyclical essence to find flourish and flow in life, love, and leadership. 

Are you ready? Let’s flow!

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Charlotte Pointeaux talks about her winning international coach of the year on her Wild Flow podcast and how to embody your next level self

How To Embody Your Next Level Self

In 2022 I had the most epic news: i won the international coach of the year award and it blew my mind! In fact, just being named a finalist at the end of the year was a huge enough deal and I quickly fell into a bit of a spiral of not feeling enough, imposter syndrome, and wondering how I

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Trusting your intuition to make aligned decisions



To me, intuition is a body-based knowing that may have an awareness that our mind can’t reach or explain, and it often knows our absolute truth when our mind is. trying to keep us fitting in and safe.

You know, that feeling you get in your

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Five Things You Need to Know About Your Cervical Fluid

Yep we’re talking about your cervical fluid – a major sign of menstrual health and ovulation. The muscular ring of muscle that acts as a gate between your vagina and womb is called your cervix. It releases fluid that changes across your cycle depending on your hormones. Cervical fluid has the power to besperm-friendly at ovulation to support your fertility,

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a mother's guide to menarche as a sacred rite of passage

A Mother’s Guide to Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage

Empowering people through their very first period, their Menarche rite of passage is very special, powerful work that I love to do in my First Moon Circles, and Facilitator Training.

I spoke with Donna Raymond on Wild Flow Podcast in episode 20 because she is someone who is equally passionate about this work. Donna recently celebrated her eldest daughter’s Menarche in a

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How You Can Fight Period Poverty

How You Can Fight Period Poverty Period Poverty is a very real problem that impacts millions of people around the world – and undeniably here in Australia too. Even today in 2021 Australia, 22% of people surveyed did not have funds to access clean period care products, having no choice but to either improvise their own product or stay home missing

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Maiden to Mother: Holding Space for Ourselves in Motherhood

Maiden to Mother: Holding Space for Ourselves in Motherhood As the saying goes, there are no manuals provided when it comes to becoming a parent. Our culture really lets parents down – especially mothers – during the rite of passage which takes us out of our Maidenhood via pregnancy and birth into new Motherhood. The function of a rite of

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Inner Spring: Honouring The Maiden

Inner Spring: Honouring The Maiden Part two of our mini cycle phase deep dive series, this time about the second phase of your cycle, your pre-ovulation phase. Once your bleed ends and you feel yourself returning from your moon cave, your hormones rise and with that comes a potential for greater creativity, playfulness, planning and action. It can also bring

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Connecting To Your Womb Through Embodiment Rituals

Connecting To Your Womb Through Embodiment Rituals Your womb is a beautiful muscle that contracts and releases each cycle, and of course the place where new life is created and grown – but it’s so much more than that too. A powerful energetic centre at your sacral chakra, your womb space in your pelvic bowl is the origin of your

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