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wild flow podcast is a finalist for best podcast 2022-23

wild flow podcast is a finalist for best podcast 2022-23​

about wild flow

In a world where cycles are all around us in nature and in our own bodies, most of us are taught to suppress and deny their power and presence on our health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

Wild Flow Podcast hosted by Internationally Award-Winning Wild Feminine Cycle Coach Charlotte inspires women to unlock the power of their wild womb, sovereign selves and cyclical essence to find flourish and flow in life, love, and leadership. 

Are you ready? Let’s flow!

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The Sacred Art of Menstruation

In the first of a mini four part series within the podcast I’m taking you deep into the four seasons of the menstrual cycle so you can connect with the sacred, spiritual and energetic opportunities available to us within each phase. In this solo episode, I share with you the incredible magick of the menstrual phase, the first phase of

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Pelvic Steaming For Menstrual Health – on Wild flow podcast

After I tried womb steaming for the first time this year in a group on a women’s retreat, I realised I had a layer of shame around the idea of tending to the health of my vagina through steaming in public. However the experience was profound: enjoyable, spiritual, and pleasurable. It opened a door to something new for me.

Recently, I

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Healing a Broken Motherline by exploring your Rites of Passage

Healing a Broken Motherline by exploring your Rites of Passage with Rowena Hobbins In this episode, I chatted with dear friend of mine, women’s Life Coach, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Intuitive Healer and First Moon Circle Facilitator Rowena Hobbins @raising_up_ all about her own female lineage and how this has affected her own birth, the birth of her children. Rowena and

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How To Have Your Best Period Ever

Its day one of your bleed: what do you do? A) feel irritated, because it’s an inconvenience but you’re gonna push on ahead just as you had planned anyway because you’ve got a big day ahead and time waits for no man.

B) think hmmm right, so life can’t stop just because I’m bleeding – but how on earth am I

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The 5th Phase of Irregular Cycles, and Natural Contraception through Fertility Awareness

I chat with Nathalie Daudet – a certified fertility awareness educator, social worker and menstrual cycle coach. Nat discovered fertility awareness after searching high and low for a non-hormonal method of birth control. After learning the magic of fertility awareness and the gift of body literacy, she decided to pursue formal fertility awareness training and Fertility Awareness Project was born.

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what is menstrual cycle awareness?

What Is Menstrual cycle awareness?

MCA is the spiritual practice of consciously having a period, and a whole menstrual cycle beyond just that.

It’s the daily noticing, the observing, of how you experience your cycle, that brings you deep knowing, greater trust in your body, and incredible opportunities for healing.

And once you notice the patterns that emerge across each day, week, month of your

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Beat Sunday dread: 5 Family Rituals For a Smooth Week

Did you know that on average, Australian females experience between 450-500 periods in her lifetime, with the average cycle spanning between 21-35 days, and the average bleed lasting between 2-7 days?

Once we begin menstruating (at menarche – pronounced “men-ar-kee”) which occurs anywhere these days between roughly the ages of 8-15, and commonly around ages 12-13, we begin our monthly

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