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revealed: your feminine leadership style is...

the challenger

You’re an activist, here to challenge the status quo and call out what is not working, both in your life and the world around you. You feel the injustices of the world, and clearly see the ways that people, systems and structures are not serving the people, and this fuels your inner fire to awaken others to the truth of the world, to remember their worth, and to take back their power.


You’re an avid learner, unafraid to veer into the depths of the underworld to be reborn stronger and distilled in your essential nature. Your tolerance for discomfort, shadow work and speaking up where others can’t, enables you to help others find their way back to themselves. As a truth-teller, and with your observant eye, you have the power to be a sacred guide to help yourself and others cut out all that isn’t serving or working, to refine, to improve, and to catalyse growth and transformation. A change-maker with the eye for detail, you call on your voice to lead, rouse and stir others into aligned action and accountability.

challenger key facts

core qualities

Truth, social justice, systemic change, spiritual practice, deep conversations, effectiveness, clarity, integrity.

menstrual cycle sweet-spot

Pre-Menstrual phase (days 19-27 approx)

you shine when

Igniting the passion and fire in others by sharing the embers of your heart. Excavating the truth. Deep healing work with others who are able to go there with you.

challenger /tʃælɪndʒəʳ/ a person who challenges established authority, who provides respect and permission to dissent and disagree and speaks up when change is needed

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It's time to show up unapologetically as the type of sacred feminine leader that you’re here to be. Your medicine is needed in the world now more than ever.

I’m here to help you own your magick, and share yourself powerfully and sustainably as an embodied cyclical leader. 

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