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revealed: your feminine leadership style is...

the connector

You’re a natural networker able to gather open-hearted and like-minded people around you. Together you share each other’s stories, experiences and wisdom. You are the sacred hostess who sends her light out into the world and magnetises those who resonate, who share the same heart-centred values and who are ready to collaborate and co-create for the greater good. You know you’re stronger together.


Your skills lie in authentically sharing your magick with the world which gives others permission to do the same. You grow deep-rooted community as a nurturer, and you know you have to embody in yourself first the wisdom, lessons and practice that you wish for others to absorb too. You know that meaningful change and growth happens in community, and someone has to go first: that person is you.

connector key facts

core qualities

Community, connection, co-creation, compassion, self-responsibility, creating change for the greater good and giving back.

menstrual cycle sweet-spot

Around Ovulation phase (days 12-19 approx)

you shine when

Uplifting others, coaching, motivational speaking, leading groups, innovating, planning, beautifying.

connector /kənektəʳ/ someone who is relationship-focused in their approach to life, to people, and to business. They act and get results with ease due to the credibility and trust they give and receive from their community.

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The Connector as Sacred Feminine Leader Playbook by Charlotte Pointeaux

As the Sacred Connector you have a specific set of gifts and qualities to offer the world, which you’re being called to embrace, embody and lead with.

It's time to show up unapologetically as the type of sacred feminine leader that you’re here to be. Your medicine is needed in the world now more than ever.

I’m here to help you own your magick, and share yourself powerfully and sustainably as an embodied cyclical leader. 

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