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revealed: your feminine leadership style is...

the muse

Full of wonder, possibility, optimism, joy and playfulness, you love to be spontaneous, and flow with what feels most alive for you in the moment. You’re a spark of bright energy, and hold a sense of the infinite possibilities available to you.

The question is which thread will you follow this time?

You have many ideas, and a huge level of creativity, and there seems to never be enough time to birth everything that you’d love to create quickly enough. You’re an action-taker, a creatrix, an inspiration to others, and you bring out others’ light, playful and freedom-loving sides too. You love making things happen, and are an unstoppable force when in flow and don’t take yourself too seriously.

You inspire others with your infectious encouragement and by engaging their sense of possibility, play and curiosity.

muse key facts

core qualities

Playful, creative, encouraging change-making through innovation and inspiring others, action-taking.

menstrual cycle sweet-spot

Pre-Ovulation phase (days 5-12 approx)

you shine when

Uplifting others, coaching, motivational speaking, leading groups, innovating, planning, beautifying.

muse /mjuːz/ a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

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It's time to show up unapologetically as the type of sacred feminine leader that you’re here to be. Your medicine is needed in the world now more than ever.

I’m here to help you own your magick, and share yourself powerfully and sustainably as an embodied cyclical leader. 

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