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the mystic

You appreciate taking the time to reflect on how things are going, how you feel, and what’s working for you as one cycle ends and a new one begins. You are deeply connected to your intuition and your body’s wisdom as guide, and you value seeking inner guidance before moving forward. You like to feel and see where you’re headed, visioning the big picture plan before diving in.

You see how all things are interconnected, and deeply trust your purpose even when you can’t see how its unfolding. Journaling, meditating, or reading the tarot help you keep attuned to your higher purpose and to stay on course. You’re a weaver-dreamer of ideas that can serve the greater good. You’re deeply connected to the cyclical nature of all things, to the seasons, and the inner world as a reflection of the outer. And so it is!

mystic key facts

core qualities

Rest, reflection, intuition, honouring your bleeding time, soul-care and self-care, slower living, and the bigger picture.

menstrual cycle sweet-spot

Menstrual phase (approx days 28-5)

you shine when

Connected to your womb’s wisdom, your higher self, and your trusted inner knowing as the decider of what’s aligned or not. Guiding others to do the same in 1:1 work or ceremony.

mystic /ˈmɪstɪk/ relating to magic or having magic powers, especially of a secret or mysterious kind. The belief that there is hidden meaning in life

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It's time to show up unapologetically as the type of sacred feminine leader that you’re here to be. Your medicine is needed in the world now more than ever.

I’m here to help you own your magick, and share yourself powerfully and sustainably as an embodied cyclical leader. 

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