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you're invited to a free sacred gathering to reconnect to your cyclic super powers.

  • How does your menstrual cycle affect your mindset and confidence to show up as your most powerful, connected and clear-thinking queenly self? 
  • How does your creativity, intuition and expression wax and wane around your cycle, influencing when you’re on fire and in flow?  
  • How is honouring your cycle integral to you having a flourishing business, family life and spiritual practice?
Have you noticed? 

your cycle is your secret weapon...

It’s true.
One day you’re feeling super connected to yourself, you’re thinking clearly and your productivity is sky-high
Its effortless to connect with clients, family, friends and your own body wisdom.
But days later…
This ease and flow evaporates. Your thoughts go round in circles, self-doubt sets in, you feel vulnerable and questioning, ready to throw in the towel and go back to square one.
When the Inner Critic shows up and your productivity and confidence drops through the floor, it can feel like you’re stuck and sabotaging yourself and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.


Have you experienced this?

Thinking about it, you can see that your mindset, capacity and creativity really does ebb and flow across your cycle.

When you’re not giving yourself permission to honour your body, then life and work is out of flow.

And here’s the thing…. I want you to know that this really is not a sign there’s anything wrong with you, your business, or even your menstrual cycle.


In fact this is totally normal if you’re not fully honouring your body’s cyclic energy, vulnerabilities and  super powers consistently.


I know how powerful the menstrual cycle is...

My mission is for every woman to trust their body, intuition, and ability to do life and biz differently: where pleasure is a priority, you know you don’t have to hustle to achieve, and consistency means following your own cyclic rhythm instead of fighting yourself everyday to keep doing stuff on repeat… just because you have to or your biz will fail.
We can do better than that. You deserve to have better than that. 

so come and deepen your cycle awareness to powerfully channel your feminine cyclic powers to amplify your magick in life and business. 

 If this calls to you, and you want success AND to feel deeply connected to yourself through your cycle


I’d love to invite you to join me, Charlotte Pointeaux,
Internationally Award-Winning Wild Feminine Cycle Coach, 
for a free evening of reclamation, nourishment and inspiration.

I’m hosting a free sacred circle where you'll map your cyclical superpowers to flow in life and business

In this circle I’ll:
  • Guide you to drop into your body through a powerful but simple embodiment process,
  • Take you through my process to map out your own cyclic superpowers and vulnerabilities in the realms of personal care, parenting and work,
  • Introduce my signature Creative Cauldron process to optimise your creativity in line with your cycle, 
  • Introduce you to like-minded, soulful women who are calling in the same things as you: deeper commitment to cyclical living, being supported and supporting other women, and meaningful connection.
  • and also I’ll be sharing more about the incredible experience I’m offering you inside my upcoming group program Cycle Sorcery (and shhh, I’ll be giving away a super special offer to the first badass women who enroll, only at this circle!) 
You’ll receive a workbook before the live event, which I’ll guide you through during the circle to keep and put to use right away in your life and business! 

Tuesday 31st May 2022,  7:45pm – 9:15pm AEDT, on Zoom

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Join me and a soulful sister squad of like-minded women for the magick and potency of bringing more feminine flow into your life and biz by securing your place in this intimate sacred circle.

Limited places available for an intimate space and registrations are a must.