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Simply Sacred Self-Care (ebook with meditation and ritual bundle)

simply sacred self-care

step out of the mundane and deepen your self-care practice with soulful, sacred rituals that work for you.

Awaken your inner divine feminine through meaningful, sacred self-care that nourishes your whole body, mind and soul, and supports you across the different seasons of your menstrual cycle.
Using the moon cycle or menstrual cycle as a framework, you’re taken on a journey to connect inwards to your divine feminine Goddess.

ebook bundle includes

  • Recorded grounding and embodiment meditations and practices,
  • Uncover your self-care archetype and explore 60 suggested rituals for mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing
  • Curate your own self-care menu featuring deliciously simple rituals that you can turn to time and time again. 
  • An extended guide to charting and working with your menstrual / moon cycle and detailed cycle practices aligned to each phase of your cycle.
  • New moon intention-setting ritual and full moon release ritual, and
  • 35 intuitive journaling prompts to take you deeper into your shadow, to bring insights around what you need, dream of, desire and what your purpose and gifts are.
    Lean into your personal feminine power and deepen your resilience and capacity to self-soothe, to mother, and to show up in the world with more presence, grounding, and clarity. 

$33 aud