Pelvic Steaming For Menstrual Health – with Toyah Hicks

After I tried womb steaming for the first time this year in a group on a women’s retreat, I realised I had a layer of shame around the idea of tending to the health of my vagina through steaming in public. However the experience was profound: enjoyable, spiritual, and pleasurable. It opened a door to something new for me.
Recently, I took the step of purchasing myself a steam stool and had my first at-home steam, which was divine. My curiosity piqued – and many of my instagram community wanting to learn more too, I invited Toyah Hicks to share about pelvic steaming for menstrual health.


Toyah and I spoke about

  • What pelvic steaming is, why you might want to try it, and how to do it.
  • Toyah shares how steaming supports menstrual health and how it supported her conscious conception.
  • We talk about how Toyah connects to her intuition and ancestors through the practice.

About Toyah

Toyah Hicks is a Pelvic Steaming Practitioner, Birth Trauma Support Worker, Postpartum Doula in Training and a Māmā to her 16month old Son. She is committed to the Reawakening of Feminine Consciousness and the Reclamation of our sacred Rites of Passage. Toyah is soon to launch her business Rose Womb Steaming – offering Vaginal Steaming Stools, Herbs and Consultations. She is based in New Zealand.

Connect with Toyah

If you’d love to connect with Toyah please visit her on Instagram at @rosewombsteaming and Rose Womb Healing on Facebook.
I’d love to know what resonates with you, what your struggles are in your day to day, and what your suggestions are too!


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