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Cyclical Business Retreat UK

Do sacred business your way, as a cyclical, magickal soul/ Join me, Charlotte Pointeaux for a potent sacred business activation day retreat in the UK. You have a clear vision of how you want to love, work and be – no guidance on how to make this happen, so you keep finding yourself pulled back into old ways of working.

Plus, you know that running your own business is hard going – there is no-one to bounce ideas off, check in with and share the journey with. So you feel like you’re figuring it out as you go, winging it and seeing what sticks.

What you would really love is to see behind the scenes of a thriving business that you aspire to, to see not just the practical aspects of how it works, but to be held in the mindset and embodiment work that it takes to keep going onwards and upwards, all at a gentle, cyclical, self-honouring and dare I say it, even pleasurable pace. 

By coming you will:

Understand tools and frameworks you can use immediately in your sacred business that will help you live, work, create, parent and self-care in cyclical ways that honour you and your needs and desires first, whilst growing a successful, rewarding and abundant business.
Vision how we really want to work, and put together a sacred plan to hold you as you bring it to life.
Recognise blind spots where you’re held hostage to old paradigm beliefs around working hard, not charging enough, giving too much away, and putting yourself last. In the retreat we will experience practices to embody our power, magnetise high quality clients, and be able to hold the frequency of our next level selves. Be heard, held and coached through mindset and energetic blocks that are keeping you small. 
Spend the day deeply connected to yourself and soulful women who are walking the same path in the sanctuary of sacred ceremony in a beautiful Yurt in the countryside, guided by Charlotte, a 6-figure award-winning coach, cyclical business guide, and practicing Priestess.

From Painful Periods to Power with Lisa de Jong

From Painful Periods to Power with Lisa de Jong [Wild Flow Podcast with Charlotte Pointeaux]

How are painful periods linked to our traumas? Lisa de Jong is my guest on Wild Flow Podcast, reveals the wisdom of our bodies, and the tools she used to holistically heal chronic pain and tend to our nervous systems in her trauma-informed approach to menstrual cycle coaching. In this week’s episode of Wild Flow Lisa and I had a big beautiful chat about cycle coaching business, pain, trauma and nervous system healing approaches. We chat about :Lisa’s journey from corporate to discovering menstrual cycle awareness, her top tips for quickly relieving pain, and how to start with the deeper inner dive to transform pain to power long-term.

Tending Transitions And Grief By Walking The Wild Edge with Amanda Bond

Today’s guest on Wild Flow with Charlotte Pointeaux is Amanda Bond she is a wild edge walker, a woman living literally on the edge of a continent, who has met the edges of her identity, her roles as wife, mother and daughter, of her menstrual cycle, and the edge of the natural wild within her and around. 

Grief & pleasure alchemy as fuel for creativity and feminine leadership with Kate Leiper

My guest on the new episode of Wild Flow podcast and our grief guide is a woman I had the absolute pleasure of being guided, held and introduced to the embodied experience of pleasure at a time I was knee-deep in motherhood and re-discovering myself as a mother of three, back in 2020, and needing to come home to myself on the other side of a big personal transformation. Allow me to introduce you to Kate Leiper.