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red moon or white moon? rituals to sync with the moon’s cycle

red moon or white moon? rituals to sync with the moon's cycle

How does a full moon affect females? The Moon is a mirror of our feminine cyclic nature and there are archetypes associated with whether you are on a Red or White Moon cycle. It’s interesting to consider when our ovulation and bleeding time aligns with the moon, so in this episode I am going deep on moon cycle wisdom, moon rituals and syncing your menstrual cycle with the moon phases. 
I love guiding women to connect with the Moon’s cycle, and how we can harness her magick to bring cyclical awareness to life, especially if you don’t have a menstrual cycle. 
Why the moon is honoured in many cultures as a Feminine energy,

Rituals for working with the moon,

What it means if you bleed or ovulate with the Full Moon, and

How to sync your cycle with the moon, if you choose to.