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Samhain Women’s Sacred Ceremony

Join us for our April Samhain women's sacred circle held on Saturday 27th April 2024 in the Southern Highlands with Charlotte Pointeaux at The Lodge, Mittagong , Southern Highlands NSW.

Join us for our April Samhain women’s sacred circle held on Saturday 27th April 2024 in the Southern Highlands with Charlotte Pointeaux at The Lodge, Mittagong , Southern Highlands NSW.

Autumn Equinox Women’s Sacred Ceremony

Autumn equinox Mabon sacred ceremony

Join us for our March Autumn Equinox women’s sacred circle held on Saturday 23rd March 2024 in the Southern Highlands with Charlotte Pointeaux at The Lodge, Mittagong , Southern Highlands NSW.

Late Summer Women’s Sacred Ceremony

Join us for our February women’s sacred circle held in late summer on 3rd Feb 2024 in the Southern Highlands.
Lammas is the time on the old seasonal wheel when summer draws to its close. the first harvest festival of the year (the other two are in Autumn), this is a beautiful time to feast on the fruits of the summer, and to gather in sisterhood to reflect and share in hopes and dreams for the year ahead once the routine of the year has begun in earnest.
Checking in with yourself and maintaining your spiritual practices and rituals is so important, but at busy times of year these can go by the wayside. The end of summer and approaching transition into autumn can feel like a speed bump, as we shift gears and drop back into the routines and the mundane. Its like that shift in the menstrual cycle from Inner Summer (ovulation) into the Pre-menstruum (Inner Autumn) which some women love and others don’t.
Once work and school routines are back, and life can take us into autopilot, there needs to be a sacred space held for you and what matters to you, to keep you aligned with your intentions, values, dreams and needs.
This circle is in devotion to looking at what you’re ‘harvesting’ from the summer, and re-affirming your vision and desires for the year. It’s a place and space of radical self-care, devotional time to all that you are, and allows your ‘cup’ to be full so you can drop into autumn, and create, love, care, tend and lead from feeling well-nourished in yourself first.

How to create a Spiral Ritual to honour the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice….Archetypes of the Crone, Midnight, your bleed. In the Peak darkness, and the cusp of new light. The void, liminal space, the in-between, neither here nor there. A time of having one foot in the past and one in the future. The end of the cycle also brings with it new beginnings. The start of the new cycle ahead.

What happens in women’s circles? beyond the magick and mystery

what to expect at a women's circle

Spells, crystal balls, and black magick: that’s what happens in circle, isn’t it? if you’ve not been to one yet, you might have some curious ideas about what really goes on at a women’s circle, your imagination running amok thinking of wild women letting loose, conjuring up all kinds of magic. so if you’re curious, intrigued, but unsure, and a bit wary, then i’d love to bust some myths and clear up what it’s all about, because circles are joy, and you deserve to join one.

Women have come together to share stories, wisdom, support and encouragement in circle for thousands of years, before slowly our way was lost, eroded, hidden. Modern women’s gatherings might look more like meetings in cafes, to sewing circles, mothers groups or going out for dinner and drinks. But recently, there has been a huge reclamation of women’s circle in its original sense. Now circles are coming back into the mainstream, you’ve got the chance to join us at your local circle here in the Southern Highlands NSW with me, Charlotte!

Because I know that we aren’t raised knowing what circles are, what happens, and how to simply be in circle, I want to help you feel confident and ready to attend your first one. So let’s get into it, let’s bust some myths and get to the heart of what circles are…