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what is menstrual cycle awareness?

The menstrual cycle holds the keys to unlocking our greatest potential health, empowerment, pleasure, purpose and self-knowing possible. 

I mean, imagine if we were given a map that explained how our bodies changes across the month, why its happening, and how to get the best out of it…

Imagine if you knew why your moods, cravings, pain, and energy waxed and waned across the cycle – not randomly – and you could stop feeling at the mercy of your period!


No more:

  •  suffering with PMS and outrageous mood swings 
  • painful, heavy periods 
  • headaches or migraines that seem to come each month 
  • exhaustion and burnout that wipes you out 
  • hating your body, your period, and all the inconveniences that come with living in your female body…


What’s incredible is that Menstrual Cycle Awareness can help you achieve all of these things, and so much more…

MCA is the spiritual practice of consciously having a period, and a whole menstrual cycle beyond just that.

It’s the daily noticing, the observing, of how you experience your cycle, that brings you deep knowing, greater trust in your body, and incredible opportunities for healing.

And once you notice the patterns that emerge across each day, week, month of your menstrual cycle, you unlock the riches within.

Understanding what your own unique experience of your own unique cycle looks and feels like sets you up with the most exquisite of self-care tools possible.

To see the cycle as the enemy can set you up for more suffering. But working with and within its rhythmic imperatives can be your foundational path to healing”

So how do you do MCA?

MCA requires you to chart your menstrual cycle, which means recording daily information about what you felt and noticed each day, so that over time you can build up a picture of what happens to you at each part of your cycle.

If you have a menstrual cycle it can be really powerful to chart the days you bleed. You might like to also record how your mood and energy changes across the day.

It can be as simple as writing a single word for how you’re feeling within each of your 4 BODIES each day: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.





For example: How to do a four-bodies cycle charting daily check-in:

Make a note of one word for each of the following prompts each day:

  1. How am I feeling emotionally today? eg am I resilient, brave, sexual, outgoing, vulnerable, anxious, overwhelmed…?
  2. How am I feeling physically today? eg how is my energy, body, health?
  3. How am I mentally today? eg am I assertive, tender, confident,
  4. How am I feeling spiritually today? eg do I need some alone time, or to be creative, or do I feel at peace in myself?

simple, powerful, deep and meaningful.

Checking in each of these 4 areas, and just noting what you observe is the basics. Following up and giving yourself each of the things you need is what I call cycle self-care.

teaching menstrual cycle awareness to hundreds of women has been mindblowing: each person, no matter where they are in their own cycle or menstrual journey can't understand why this didn't know this sooner!

Something so simple as a 2 minute check in with yourself has the power to support you to:
  • Understand your cycle, whether regular or irregular can help you practice meaningful, timely, actually supportive self-care. Know your needs at any point, and how to nurture them.
  •  Align your work, parenting, social life, relationship, and all the other ways you show up in life to your cycle for maximum ease, flow, fun, productivity, impact and health.
  • Understand what the hell is going on in your body across the cycle, especially for girls, post-partum + at peri-menopause when hormones are all over the place. MCA using the moon can ground you at a time when you can feel lost. Learn to track and honour wherever you’re at.

  • Understand why mothering feels so much easier at some points – and make a plan to support yourself when it all feels too hard, too overwhelming, and too much like you’re hanging out for wine after the kids are finally in bed. MCA helps you flourish as a mother, by honouring the truth of your experience NOT shaming you into being a Stepford Mom.

  • Learn how to teach this incredible wisdom to your kids, and help your daughter make sense of and speak up about her wild hormones. Role model self-care and openness, compare cycle charts! MCA is totally a mother-daughter bonding tool.

  • Uncover what’s really going on with your health: post natal depletion, chronic stress, gut health, immune support, headaches, depression, pain and heavy flows all are affected by hormone health. Paint a picture of your cycle to take to your Dr, so you can heal the root cause.

  • Reconnect with your womb, heal her pain, your red thread of ancestral wounds, practice loving and accepting your whole self: your creatrix, ancient, wild, sexual, sensual, mother, maiden and crone self through the womb portal.


    Wow-how’s that for a start? This is why all I do centres around menstrual cycle awareness, to support you to return to wholeness. To find out more about how I can support you through learning about your own unique menstrual cycle and how to work and flow with it, check out my short course Find Your Flow here.


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