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helping you unlock the wisdom and power of your womb and menstrual cycle is my jam

"when you reject the menstrual cycle, you reject your body. and when you reject your body, you reject yourself"

Jane hardwicke collings

I'm Charlotte

a woman, mother, and creative coach who passionately lives in flow with my cycle and nature's rhythm

the lowdown on me...

  • I’m Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer Rising which makes all the sense to me. There’s a whole lotta fire in my chart. 
  • I’m mum to 3 young sassy, spirited girls who have called me to be far more present than I ever was before. They’ve taught me so much about feeling, expressing, nurturing myself and how to be embodied….
  • I love sleep when I can get it! My bed is my cosy place. I love swimming in waterfalls near home – this is my happy place. 
  • Deep conversations with great friends and soul sisters light me up. I’m terrible at small talk though.
  • I’m a moon child and love the quiet peace of the night, and gazing at the clear night sky. I feel totally at peace and amazed by the mystery of the cosmos on a full moon.
  • I absolutely cannot do early mornings and morning routines. I’ve let go of the pressure and shame I’ve felt about this and instead choose mindful moments in the day and evening.
  • I backpacked a lot in my late teens and early twenties and am my inner Sag is already dreaming about long-term travel once my kids are grown.
  • I just won International Coach of the Year and it blew my mind! I am so thankful to be able to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual cycles and menopause!!
In previous lives I was a long-term education specialist in the UK and Australia, spending years creating programs and facilitating workshops for students and professionals alike.
I hail from Nottingham in the UK, and moved permanently to Australia with my Aussie hubby in 2012. Now we live in a rural part of NSW outside of Sydney with our own patch of land and sky to treasure with three daughters, a cat and our pup.
I guide women to embrace all that they are: all the roles, and all their feelings, flaws and needs by embracing the wisdom of the menstrual and natural cycles existing within our body. 
You were born whole and still are.. The problem isn’t you. The problem is our culture which wants us to always feel inadequate so we keep striving.  I help you reclaim all the lost parts, to love and accept yourself just as you are.

I've created my own potent flavour and style of coaching which weaves together cycle work with feminine embodiment, so you can safely, and powerfully inhabit your body, and learn to love and reclaim all of who you are.

Are you a soulful, creative woman who finds yourself not able to listen to your body?

Do you have a tendency to give a whole lot of yourself to your family, your work, your friends, and inevitably burnout (or get pretty close!) more than once?
And do you feel ​curiously drawn to the magick and mystery of cyclical living, and feel like it’s something you’d just LOVE to learn more about and integrate into your everyday (including your biz, self-care, creativity, and relationships?
Are you feeling disconnected from yourself – especially during certain phases of your menstrual cycle, and crave a moment to come home to yourself, what you need, and how you would really love to live?

If so - then you're in the right place.

I'm so glad you're here

it's time to live in harmony with your womb and body's wisdom...

This world prefers we don’t think about how we’re feeling, or what we need. To not need time off but instead to value productivity, status and power over feeling well within ourselves.
Add to the mix that our very cyclical nature as women is simply not welcome in this world.  Periods, pregnancy and menopause are considered blocks to productivity and progress, an inconvenience, and certainly not understood or valued for the magick, healing and transformation possible through each of these rites of passages. From a young age we’re taught that being cyclical, emotional, feminine is weak.
So what do we do? We disconnect, hide, suppress and switch off these superpowers as much as possible. 


I was 16 when I started taking The Pill for acne and once I had my first boyfriend. I stayed on this for YEARS – with the exception of a very rocky experience when I switched Pills whilst backpacking overseas. It wasn’t until I was 28 when I considered starting a family that I stopped taking it, and I felt like I must be pregnant because of the crazy withdrawal symptoms.
From here my eyes opened to the knowledge that I even had a cycle. I learnt about ovulation from a fertility perspective, and it took another few years before I realised I had inner Seasons that are actually such a gift if we understand how to harness it.
I’ve experienced terrible periods. No periods. Breastfeeding-affected periods. Post-partum depletion. And the shame of being found out to be having a period at work and school. 
  • The discomfort of worrying about being seen carrying a tampon to the office toilet.
  • Experiencing menstrual migraines and needing to explain why I simply had to go home (pretending it was not linked to my period because I felt that would only be held against me).
  • And I have worked for YEARS in offices led and filled with women who punished me for being exhausted at certain times of my cycle, who was called “too sensitive” when filled with pre-menstrual self-doubt, sabotage and overwhelm.
It astonishes me that still to this day workplaces don’t have menstrual and menopause policies, and life is not shaped around the menstrual cycle and life’s seasons.
Just imagine how much happier, healthier, effective and confident we would all be if the people running the show – whether policiticans and policy makers, teachers, managers, coaches, and all medical professionals appreciated that half the population are cyclical, and that influences every aspect of how we live, feel, perform and what we need on the daily.

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